Friday, May 14, 2010

Kamaganak Incorporated versus Hyatt 10

Inquirer correspondent Fe Zamora today reported the real reason why Liberal party vice presidential contender Mar Roxas' campaign is now in a very precarious situation--some of the core members of Senator Benigno Aquino's campaign team junked him. And an insider points to culprits from Peping Cojuangco's group. 

This news, if it is true and based on what I learned is entirely factual, is not at all pleasing to the ear. This reminds us of the problems encountered by the First Aquino administration and Arroyo's. And if this will be the composition of the Second Aquino administration, this is dangerous and possibly will cause tremendous destabilization in the next six years. 

Jose "Peping" Cojuangco was once portrayed as the Rasputin in the First Aquino administration. He was reportedly head of an Aquino mafia composed of relatives and friends who benefitted economically from the Aquino presidency. At the onset of the campaign of Senator Aquino, calls for the dismantling of the Kamaganak Incorporated were high, especially from volunteers and even from members of the Liberal party. Aquino was nonplussed at that time. 

Zamora identified people from the Council of Philippine Affairs or COPA, a group which reportedly headed the discredited EDSA dos revolt, the Philippine Patriotic Movement or PPM, the Yellow Army and Tloy Pinoy. These are groups reportedly identified with the Cojuangco faction in Aquino's campaign. 

Aquino must address this problem right now and nip it in the bud by not giving any government position to any of his relatives to avoid a possible destabilization coming from his own ranks.