Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stop Arroyo Speakership bid!

I, along with many others, am wondering---what did we do to deserve an Arroyo? Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is really testing the patience of Filipinos. After enduring nine years of hardships and toil under her not-so-endearing administration, here she comes again, like a foot fungus or an irritating mosquito swirling around, trying once again to buzz, signalling that she is still here, as if we care.

Arroyo, says Malacanang, is gunning for the Speakership. Palace factotums are even proud of this stupid idea.

These losers again reminded us of Arroyo's "accomplishments", highlighting once again, her "economic background" as a former economics professor. What economic achievements, when even her fair haired poster boy (?) Joey Salceda says that those gains did not lessen poverty incidence? What achievements? Is the Palace referring to the stability of the economy during the 2009 Global financial crisis? Two things---Overseas Filipino Workers' remittances and the old, decrepit financial system, these two saved us from total damnation, not some brilliant economic plan that this administration did.

Mrs. Arroyo won by a landslide in her hometown and her allies say, she's really targetting the Speakership. What in the world did we really do to deserve her? Is she as callous and as close minded like what many people think she is? I now believe that she's not just hard of hearing--she's a loony.

Surveys upon surveys show the Filipinos hatred of her. The overwhelming vote cast by the people for Liberal party standard bearer Noynoy Aquino is a very strong condemnation of her administration.

Mrs. Arroyo lives in her own enchanted kingdom. She is slowly carving her own kingdom in Pampanga and there is that chance that she'll file a bill in the 15th Congress asking that Pampanga be separated from the Republic and become an Arroyoland (similar with Villar's Vistaland).

Or her numerous minions and ass-likers (not lickers :-)) just made a tremendous job insulating her from reality that she now thinks she's the people's hero rather than its villain. Or, she just lost that appetite to read newspapers, listen to radio or even watch television. Or, maybe, just maybe, Mrs. Arroyo does not surf the web?

An Arroyo speakership will not be good for the country. Those who think that this is part of a grand design for the country to shift into a parliamentary system---stop thinking of such things.

Charter change is dead. Even if Arroyo force the issue and the Lower House isolates the Palace from this initiative, it will not succeed because if the Senate elects Franklin Drilon as Senate president, and I believe they will do, the initiative is dead in the water.

An Arroyo speakership will just exacerbate the acrimony between her elitist mafia and the Executive, now peopled with her enemies. An acrimonious fight for power between these groups will destabilize the country and deter economic and political growth.

Noynoy Aquino will not be able to slay the evil grafters in government and will not even grease his hands with their blood (metaphorically speaking) if this pesky foot fungus named Arroyo continues her wrecking desire.

It is to the best interests of this country for Aquino really, to set up an independent commission and take this fungus to trial, along with her ass likers. This independent commission should immediately issue warrants of arrest and prevent Arroyo from sitting as a Congressman in the 15th Congress.

Or better yet, the new administration treats her like an Jaloslos.

Remember that Jaloslos was arrested and put behind bars even during his term as Congressman. There has been one instance and maybe Mrs. Arroyo stands to be the second.