Friday, May 21, 2010

"Koala Bear" revelation part of Palace plot to discredit May 10 election

Who is behind Robin, the alleged "koala" look-a-like who exposed the alleged poll rigging operations last May 10?

Makati representative Teddy Boy Locsin thinks its from the palace, while the Comelec says that it was part of a plot by a "losing presidential candidate".

If you examine the transcript, yes, it is entirely possible, given that the narration by koala bear is proof positive that the "script" was a mere farce. What is the dead give-away?

That the operation was "opposition led", according to "Robin" and that all of the allies of Gloria were reportedly subjected to the operations. That makes Robin's utterances rubbish.

If that is true, then why did Gloria win in Pampanga? How the hell did Lakas-KAMPI members won considerably in their respective districts if indeed there was a vote-shaving operation against them?

Likewise, Robin reiterated that the people reportedly and actually voted for Gibo and it should have been a toss-up between Gibo and Erap.

That's crap.

First, it did not jibe with the realities on the ground. Surveys upon surveys, even confidential and private surveys conducted by political parties point really to a Noynoy victory. Gibo really has a very slim chance of winning, and Lakas-KAMPI knows that.

Second, how will that be? Even if you shave the votes of Noynoy and make it 50%, that will still be a formidable 20%, enough to defeat Gibo in any single presidential contest.

And third, the body language of some people in the administration belies the fact that, indeed, this ploy came from people inside the palace. Lakas-KAMPI spokesperson Prospero Pichay's eyes' betray the real feelings of the palace.

A source who I know as a Comelec operator says that indeed, there were rigging and vote-shaving operations undertaken last May 10, but the operation was actually run by operators close to the palace. These operators were members of the 1992 team and were likewise involved in the 2004 Hello Garci operations.

However, that operation was not as intensive as what Koala Bear is trying to insinuate. The operation actually was a direct action to assist the victories of close administration allies on the ground. There was never really a very serious action on the national front.

The ploy, according to some sources, is deeper than previously thought. The ploy really is discredit the elections to justify an "action". What kind of action? This involves the deployment of armed troops?

By the way, one advice to president-elect Noynoy Aquino--enhance your security. Better to be safe than sorry because there are still people out there who are determined to frustrate the true will of the Filipino People.