Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Noynoy---the People's President

President-elect Benigno Simeon Aquino III wants to be the "People's President". In preparing for his eventual proclamation, Noynoy wants to celebrate it with the people responsible for his amazing poll victory. And he wants people to know that he'll be the ideal president who'll listen to them.

That's quite refreshing to know. We have'nt had a people's president since former president Joseph Estrada.

Estrada claims to be the "People's Champion." In the 1998 polls, Estrada got an overwhelming mandate from the Filipino People--37%. If the electronic results jibe with the Certificates of Canvass, then Noynoy Aquino would have eclipsed Estrada by 3 or 4 percent. So, in the minds of ordinary people, Noynoy is more loved by the people than Erap.

With a very convincing win behind him, Noynoy Aquino should also realize the very big responsibility the people have reposed to him.

And I have full faith that Noynoy will definitely be instrumental in changing the lives of People, if he just listens to Vilfredo Pareto---solve 20% of the problems, you solve at least 80% of everything.

Example, if Noynoy manages to contain the predatory nature of cartels, he would have solved one of the most pressing problems of our times---prices of goods and commodities. We all know that the reason why foodstuffs are priced higher is simply manipulation by cartels. You pressure these cartels, jail some of them, or just fight them off, and you solve the problem.

Implement at least 20% of all laws and orders, you solve 80% of the problems. Is that simple. Or is it, really?

Another advice is simply, simplify the expectations of people. I suggest that Noynoy lays these down before the public in his proclamation. There should be, at least three things, doable within a period of 90 days:

1. Lower prices of basic commodities
2. Prosecute grafters in the former administration
3. Reach out to dissident groups

These are "doable" things. Or Noynoy could further simplify these things into more concrete promises.

By the way, wait for the publication of my book, " 20 Greatest Stories of the Filipino People".