Monday, May 3, 2010

To revolt or not to revolt

Manila archbishop Cardinal Ricardo Rosales makes pooh-pooh some suggestions of "people power" if the elections fail. Rosales says whoever says that is "weird" and "crazy".

Rosales, who has never been there when EDSA uno happened and has his niece serving as Arroyo's closest advisers, says there are still democratic mechanisms in place that will address questions about the elections. If there are incidence of fraud, Rosales urges that groups resort to bringing them to court or to the Comelec.

That is the problem, Cardinal. If fraud occurs, then, that probably came from Comelec. If the courts are controlled by the trapos, where will the people go?

And there's a problem of time. Since most major positions in the Executive and Legislative departments are up in the air, and the deadline is June 30, what then, what will we do?

I agree---there should be some remedy other than people power.