Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Villar is self-destructing and Joker should blame his boos, err, boss.

Okey, let's reason among ourselves.

One commenter by the name of "Joker" says that Villar is being victimized by black propaganda. Instead of telling Joker that he must be joking, let us really analyze why Villar is sliding and enjoying very negative feedback.

Okey---supporters of Villar say that he is being hit left and right by negative propaganda. Joker even said that people should know the "truth" about Villar. Okey, so what is the truth about him?

On the first barrage of negative news about Villar, his political rivals say he's really not a member of the poorest of the poor in the country, in effect, his rivals say he lied.

Where did all these news about Villar's "proletarian roots" came from? Did it came from the rivals of Villar? No. It came from Villar's own ads and press releases. Villar and his camp were the ones who instigated the debate or discussion about his humble roots.

Villar was the one who claimed he came from the poor. Villar was the one who tried to say that he was once dirt poor when his very personal record speaks otherwise.

It is the responsibility of the public especially the media to know the truth. Is it "black propaganda" when GMA Channel 7 c/o of Howie Severino researched about Villar's "Humble roots"? Is it black propaganda when ABS-CBN c/o of Ces Drilon reported about Villar's real economic status prior to being the country's real estate magnate? No. It was the responsibility of the Philippine media to tell the people that hey this candidate is lying.

Villar is to be blamed for this mess simply because he was the one who instigated the debate about his real beginnings. He should have claimed that he was a member of the middle class who successfully struggled and eventually became rich. Was that wrong? Nope. It was a very glaring error by Villar's strategists to even claim Villar's poor roots when it was clear that he came from a not-so-humble roots.

On the second barrage of negative news about the Nacionalista standard bearer, Villar claims he did nothing wrong with the C-5 scandal, when the very Senate reported otherwise. The Senate probed Villar's hand in the project and those lengthy Senate ethics committee transcripts detailed his involvement.

Villar was unable to disprove it precisely because it involves two of his companies. Because he failed to publicly divest his interests in these companies, surely, his political rivals will hit him with conflicts of interests.

On the third barrage of negative news about Villar, his conduct as a real estate magnate. His companies faked land titles to grab lands reportedly owned by an indigenous group in Norzagaray Bulacan.

There's a new report by Ces Drilon on Villar's involvement in the 30 billion low cost housing scam and there's numerous reports about Villar's seedy hand dipping his fingers on numerous land grabbing incidents. These are not inventions. These are real facts. Is it black propaganda? No, because there were numerous documents proving all these things.

Net---the presidency is slipping away from Villar simply because of the inexperience of his media handlers.

Villar, really, should have won the game easily. Amado Doronilla is correct---Villar has the tendency to self-destruct. Had Villar been handled more effectively, I am quite sure that Villar is far away from his nearest rival, Aquino.

What would have been the case if Villar simply claimed sipag at tyaga as his foremost "agimat" against kahirapan? Would it hurt Villar if he claimed to have been a member of the middle class who rose from his status and became rich?

Villar should have publicly divested all his interests in all his companies before he even started his campaign. That way, he would have prevented his enemies from attacking him.

Net, Joker, blame your boss and if you're one of his media handlers, blame yourself, not people like me who just analyze what is happening in Philippine politics.

Blame Villar for claiming that he's dirt poor when he was not.

Blame Villar for not divesting all his interests in Camella Homes, Vistaland and other real estate companies which he owe?

Blame Villar for messing up the country's low-cost housing program.

Blame Villar for being soo cocky and soo confident that he'll clinch the presidency by using his billions. The Filipino People, Mr. Villar, is not for sale.