Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Villar concedes to Aquino: This is the beginning of New Politics

For my friends, I am actually writing this somewhere in Northern Luzon. I just learned that Nacionalista party standard bearer Manny Villar has just conceded to Aquino who is still leading the presidential race.

I must laud Villar for doing so. That shows you how a gentleman Villar is. Villar, despite losing billions from his presidential entreprise is a person worth emulating. And I must apologize to Villar for writing those things about his campaign. As a friend of his brother Jojo, I must tell him the truth. Otherwise, I am not being a friend to him.

I ask former president Joseph Estrada to concede as well. There are reports that Erap plans to contest the results of the elections. Either this is meant to force a negotiations with their camp or not, the point that Erap should learn from all of these is simple---the time of traditional politics is over.

With the success of the automation quite obvious to everybody at this point, this is the beginning of the end to traditional politics. With still some twitches to the system, the automation would prove to be the saving grace of Philippine democracy.

Though the stinking feeling of some of my friends not making it to the Senate has clearly not set in, the realization that Noynoy Aquino is poised to become our 15th President as what I predicted in several posts, gives a sobering effect to me and my family. A certain claim pervades throughout the country, with the realization that as promised, a smooth transition of power is clearly on the horizon.

This day is also the day when new politicians like Alex Lacson, Joey de Venecia III and Susan Ople have tried to get into the groove of things without compromising their principles. Though they are headed towards possible defeat, what with a few millions separating them from known political brandnames, rest assured that we have not seen the last of them.

This day just proves one thing---the new Generation is now poised to replace the old guards. This new set of leaders will not fail. Change is definitely a few feet away from our grasps!

We must congratulate each and every Filipino for making this happen. We must thank the Comelec for implementing a highly successful automated elections system despite initial doubts.

Rightly so, dapat talagang umusbong ang mga pagpuna because it helped the Comelec improve the system.

What will happen now?

Aquino's victory will surely lead to the further diminution and dissolution of power of ascendant political groups. A new group of elites will surely dominate the political scene for the next few years. This group, whom I call the nationalist bourgeoisie, will dominate politics for the next six years.

Surely, the militarists among the elites will eventually "fade away". Strong traditional political groups will also be dismantled slowly. Democracy will continue.