Saturday, May 8, 2010

Want change? Vote for new blood in the Senate

For those still undecided, let me just tell you five (5) reasons why you should not vote for traditional politicians posing as change agents.

Who are these trapos? They are the re-electionist Senators who are now on top of the survey board. It would be extremely bad if you vote for Bong Revilla, who had the gall to change his very surname just for politics, unmindful of its effects to his numerous kids.

And why will you even consider a Lapid whose claim to fame is just one law after serving for six years? Imagine, one law for six years?

Constitutional luminaries such as Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Juan Ponce-Enrile should hang their gloves and call it quits. They had their time. They should allow other new faces to lead us. For most of their careers, they crafted these laws but without direct effects to us. They only enriched the stock of their companies, like Enrile who has his Jaka properties.

Let me tell you that you'll be surprised by the outcome of the Senatorial race. Many people I know will not vote for old and re-electionist legislators and Senatorial candidates who just use their celebrity status and their political brandnames just to be elected. And that is good.

Why will you vote for these re-electionists when they were part of this government which did nothing for us for nine years?

These re-electionists and those who are again campaigning for another slab at it, do not deserve our votes. We already know how poorly they performed as legislators. For six or in some cases, nine years, these re-electionists did nothing to uplift our situation. Worst, they have been part of the rotten nature of this system which we all live in.

If we really want change, elect new faces in the Senate.

1. LACSON, ALEX. A note lawyer, philantropist, student and civic leader. He has the skills, the experience and the vision for all of us. He will be a very valuable asset in the Senate. Noynoy Aquino personally picked him and included him in his senatorial slate. Noynoy needs Lacson at the Senate.

2. DE VENECIA, JOEY. Yes, he's the son of a former 5-time speaker and yes, he's a businessman. What people like about him--his heart is in the right place. He fought against graft and corruption.

3. OPLE, SUSAN. Yes, she's the daughter of a great patriot, Ka Blas Ople. She has been helping OFWs since a decade ago. She knows their plight. She knows their true concerns.

4. LIM, DANNY. A be-medalled officer, a professional soldier who stood up against tyranny and fought for the rights of others.

5. QUERUBIN, ARIEL. A Medal Of Valor, he risked his life so that millions will have a peaceful life.

6. MASA, LIZA. She's a true blue patriot, who sacrificed her entire life for the struggle. She was one of the most prolific members of Congress. It is time for us to have someone like her in the Senate.

7. OCAMPO, SATUR. A nationalist, he was imprisoned by the Marcos regime when he fought for the rights of impoverished farmers. Like Liza, Ocampo is a tireless and self-less worker for the people's rights.

8. ACOSTA, NEREUS. Intelligent. Highly articulate. Educator. Nationalist. What more can you ask for?

9. BAUTISTA, MARTIN. One of the most patriotic doctors I have ever seen and heard. His heart is in the right place. He went back to his motherland to help Noynoy in the change business. He deserves a slot at the Senate.

10. LAO, YASMIN. Assalamu alaikum wah rahmatullah! Bismillahi rahmanir raheem, vote for Yasmin, a true advocate of the rights of the Bangsamoro. She dedicated most of her life, helping the Bangsamoro improve their lives, like Amina Rasul before her.

11. HONTIVEROS, RISA. Like Masa, Hontiveros became known for her tireless pursue of the rights of women and has not backed down in the RH fight.

12. MITRA, RAMON. A former Marine Captain, Mitra knows what agricultural modernization means and his heart is in the right place. He deserves a place in the Senate.