Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aguinaldo as a Spanish spy?

My other site, PinoyObserver is back! Check it out at I am still finding another webhost since my last one, is damn inefficient. Publish your comments on my take on the Kristeta-James Yap split. Very interesting and contains some info you don't get from newspapers.

I am down to my last three chapters of the book I am intending to publish. This is a history book, written in an "easy reading" style. While doing this, it benefitted me, immensely. It was not only a refresher for me, it also provided me with newer insights on Philippine history.

Example is the possibility that Aguinaldo is once a spy for the Spanish government. The evidence is just astounding. What is really good news at this point, especially for historiographers is the overwhelming and sheer volume of historical documents now available online for those who want to know the truth about the revolutionary movement.

Likewise, I provided a newer definition of the term "Filipino Nation". What "Filipino Nation" means to me now is something revolutionary--for it includes, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Arab as part of the Filipino Nation. Filipinos are not a conglomeration of different (and sometimes differing) regional ethno-linguistic groups, no. We are essentially a Mestizo nation. Very few of us belonged to indigenous tribes. Mestizo, for me, is not the derogatory term used by us to describe elites, oh no. That is historically, wrong.

Ilustrado is, I think, the most derogatory term that someone will ever use to describe a scheming leech of a politico, like what we have right now.

Now for those who will probably question my aptitude for this, consider that I am first and foremost a historiographer. I once lectured history (and mass comm) in some of the country's top universities and also took masteral in this subject. I am also motivated to correct the erroneous entries in several elementary, highschool and even college history textbooks. I specialized also in research. And I think the new administration must also come up with an OFFICIAL HISTORY SOURCE BOOK that every author should refer themselves from each and every time they write a textbook.

What's more (an add-on if you will), you will gain some very valuable insider info on the workings of the present and incoming administrations. More than recorders and record holders, historiographers are likewise investigative journalists. They piece together several events, exposed their linkages and come up with a rational and truthful narration of what and why several of these events happened in the first place.

Wait for the official launching of the book. Hope to see you all there.