Friday, June 25, 2010

Ampatuan assassins killed vital witness: Aquino should unleash the dogs of war against warlords

"Jesse", not the outlaw "Jesse James", is dead. He was felled by an assassin's bullet, three months after he surfaced before the media and admitted his participation in the gruesome November 23, 2009 massacre which killed 67 people. Jesse, the former outlaw of the Ampatuans, took part in killing those people in Datu Sharif Aguak. For that, he hid himself in the hinterlands of Maguindanao. Yet, something pricked in his heart. He wanted to tell the truth. From his hiding place, God must have ordered him to go down the mountains and revealed what really happened.

And for that, he was gunned down.

Before his assassination, Jesse had the temerity of revealing who ordered and will probably order his execution---his former boss, Datu Aguak mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr. Despite being incarcerated at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) jail, Ampatuan Jr. was reportedly allowed by his captors to call his henchmen on the lam and ordered the execution of several witnesses. That included Jesse's name.

His "prediction" came true. Shortly after three months, Jesse's name again surfaced in the newspapers, this time, as one of many who are now listed in our country's crime statistics. Before Jesse, several people in Maguindanao were also brutally executed by a family whose words are law.

Jesse's death, according to government prosecutors, will surely affect the trial for the prosecution of the Andal Ampatuan family. It will send a chilling effect among relatives of the victims and possibly, even those who wanted to testify against the Ampatuans.

Yet, fear not. For God is on the side of Just. He comforts the weak and the defenseless. And God is the God of Justice.

The state has achieved its part---defanging the Ampatuans and erasing their names in the roster of "honorables". Yet, they still have adherents in the field. They still have money. What is the anti-money laundering council doing? Why are they not freezing the assets and monies of the Ampatuans? Why is there no one conducting a lifestyle check? Those mansions are proof positive of the way this family laundered and possibly spent the people's monies.

Andal Ampatuan senior is just a petty driver when the military coddled him and provided him with ammunition to fight the Bangsamoro revolutionaries. He was so good and so brutal at it that several generals promoted his social status, from petty driver to petty mayor. From mayor, he then ascended the socio-political ladder by becoming governor. And when he was governor, he befriended several high-ranking government officials, and promised them a peaceful Maguindanao through the institution of an iron-fisted policy.

One of those high-ranking officials is former president, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Fact is, the Ampatuans were even instrumental in her doubtful win in 2004. And the Arroyos know how to reward their loyal subjects---by giving them the right to become their relatives. Andal Ampatuan Jr., the main mastermind and executioner, even calls Mrs. Arroyo "mother". Nothing ironic there, Andal is simply telling the truth.

Mrs. Arroyo is definitely the mother of all political terrorists and warlords. Her reign saw the rise of warlordism, a definitive sign that despite what the Arroyo administration has bruited about, that of a "Strong Republic" (a state of mind invention of Rigoberto Tiglao, a dreamer turned apologist of Mrs. Arroyo), weakest is the hold of this republic in places other than Manila.

During Ampatuan's reign of terror, Maguindanao's socio-economic situation worsened. People's live stagnated. And the entire province became a personal fiefdom of the Ampatuans, whose words, according to their former servant "Lak" are law.

With this brutal slaying of Jesse, it goes to show that the Ampatuans remain a force to contend with. The propensity of this killing shows how weak, helpless and inept our government forces are.

The Ampatuans' show of brutality and force signifies how weak the state is against political warlords. This weakness is being exploited by heartless people who remain as the People's oppressors.

Time for the people to act. If the state is weak, then the People should not allow these kinds of people to even live. The continued existence of this warlord clan is blasphemy, plain and simple. Their existence is a strong condemnation of the government. Their very presence spites legitimate authority. These psychopaths pretending to be warlords are a scourge of society. They should be rooted out, condemned and exterminated. They should face the People's Tribunal and answer for their numerous crimes.

If government is weak, then, the people should be the ones to exact justice. Let the People's patriots do their part and extinguish the bravura of warlords such as these. Let the law of God prevail---cut off the hands of thieves and execute those who kill their fellow men.

Those who only know the language of violence should get what they deserve--violence. There is simply a limit of God's grace. The Good Lord orders His most noble and pious subjects to root out evil and smite the heads of devils and unbelievers with utter force.

Noynoy Aquino should make these warlord clans an example of what Philippine justice really means. Incarceration is simply too kind, too gentle to those who continually and perpetually commit gruesome crimes against the people. Aquino must revive the death penalty. And let these warlords be the first ones to suffer.