Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Efraim Genuino: PAG COR-rupt, Macapal Arroy-ko

What's this? PAGCOR chairman Efraim Genuino wants to plead his case before president-elect Noynoy Aquino. Genuino wants Noynoy to hear him out first before the new president decides to boot him out of his office.

He has two (2) things on his mind and believes he can successfully convince Noynoy: first, his so-called "unsullied" record as Pagcor chairman, saying that when he took over the office, there was no single case of controversy, much less, graft case filed against him.

True, Genuino has no graft case because no one dared file something against him simply because he's very close to the Arroyos and the Ombusman, Merceditas Gutierrez is just an Arroyo puppy. Genuino, many actually will attest to this, is part of the Arroyo mafia gang.

But, is Genuino really that "clean"?

Noy, don't believe every single word this charlatan says. Why? IN the last elections, did you know that his son, a mayoral candidate here in Makati, spent millions of pesos for his candidacy. Where in the world did he get those millions?

Genuino was also instrumental in providing campaign funds for the Arroyos in the 2004 elections. Where did he get those millions?

Remember that Probe story on the lifestyle check on efraim genuino of Genuino? What happened to that?

If our memory serves me right, there's this August 2003 expose of Senator Panfilo "Ping" Lacson on Genuino's participation in the mafia operations of the First Golfer gang. Genuino, it says, gave monies to the Arroyo's campaign chest. Genuino was part of the devil's gang. He was involved in the Jose Pidal operation.

Fact is, a PCIJ report tagged Genuino as the Arroyo's operator who pays off media and eccleasiastical people. He was also instrumental in the Hello Garci operation, who was the one who proposed to pay off election operators.

Instead of retaining him, Noynoy should actually include him in his list of the very first persons to be punished for their crimes against the Filipino people.

The second thing Genuino wants Noynoy to consider is his involvement in the projects being handled by Pagcor and what are these projects?

What projects? The mushrooming of poker rooms and gambling joints throughout the country? The rise of gambling rooms even in malls and buildings near schools and churches?

One multi-billion project Genuino wants the new administration to continue is the plan to transform the reclaimed land in Paranaque as an integrated resort complex. Construction continues in building a New Nayong Pilipino.

Nothing wrong with the project, in fact, it is one of the most innovative projects that this outgoing administration should actually trumpet before the people. Yes, it will bring more jobs and yes, it will definitely be a landmark in Manila.

But, is the project trademarked by Genuino? No. The project is a project of the Filipino People and no one, not even someone who has a so-called "excellent marketing background" that his online PR guys wrote about him, can claim that these projects are "originally his". There are other I.R. project around, foremost is the Sentosa model in Singapore. Definitely, Genuino just copied the concept there and adopted it here.

There are more deserving people other than Genuino.

Instead of being retained, Genuino should be booted out and he should be subjected to a lifestyle check. After that, somebody should file a case against him, if there are sufficient evidence.

Genuino should be made accountable for his role in the Hello Garci scandal. He should not be pardoned even if he offers to be a state witness against the Arroyos.