Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Noynoy--transition, no. Revolution, yes. And no thanks to Arroyo

The palace just invited president-elect Benigno Noynoy Aquino to a palace meeting, seemingly to initiate a "smooth transition". The soon-to-be president politely declined. And it is expected.

The body language of Noynoy says it all--he does not want to inherit Malacanang from his former professor, no. And why would he desire that? Or why would anybody for that matter actually salivate the thought of getting the totem pole from Arroyo come June 30?

Who, in the world, would ever relish even the thought of inheriting the very symbol of bad government from a bad president?

What Noynoy is saying is simply, there is no transition, oh no. A transition means a continuation of the bad policies, of the corruption and immorality of the past, of nonsensical appointments and decisions made and of unflinching loyalty to illegitimacy.

Why would anybody want a continuity of all these? The Filipino People needs a break. The Nation needs a smooth interregnum from all these insanity that has profane the Filipino name for the past nine years.

Malacanang is pressuring Aquino to honor the appointments made by Arroyo, saying that all of these are legal and "above board". Olivar and the rest of Arroyo's gang simply don't get it.

There is nothing legal from all of their actions, seemingly because it came from the mind of an illegitimate president.

Noynoy and the rest of the People owe Arroyo nothing and deserves nothing of her, neither every shred nor semblance of her corrupt regime should ever demean and besmirch the good name the new administration is trying to build.

The overwhelming mandate given by the Filipino People to Noynoy Aquino shows that every one who voted for him shares his vision for the country---a nation united against grafters and thieves in barongs. That trust should be kept pure by Noynoy by keeping his promise alive.

Malacanang should face the truth, something which they declined and refused to do for over nine years---they are now a vanishing breed. Their illicit regime has now been put to death by the electorate. Thanks to democracy, the assassination of Arroyo has been without bloodshed. The horrifying species created by Arroyo's insidious mind are now becoming extinct.

Aquino has a mandate and that mandate requires a new beginning, and in no means, a transition from the discredited regime.