Saturday, June 12, 2010

Norberto Gonzales' Government-in-Waiting like his boss' Enchanted Kingdom

With just three days after Noynoy Aquino's proclamation comes this "threat" from outgoing Defense secretary Norberto Gonzales--that he, along with several others, have or will be forming a "government in waiting". IN two occasions, Gonzales practically committed  subtle subversion when he encouraged several losing politicians and some retiring generals to form an opposition party.

Nothing wrong with forming an opposition party, but trying to spread intrigues when this administration has barely warmed its seat, is, for me, disturbing and out of delicadeza. Likewise, claiming to form a "government in waiting" seems too psychotic for me. How would you claim to be forming something of this kind when there's no electoral exercise forthcoming? Except that you're expecting something "unconstitutional" to happen...

Aquino has forewarned Gonzales--that the new administration will guarantee his rights as a citizen under the Constitution but will "pay dearly" when he violates the law. That shows you how different this Aquino is--he has strength of character and the fortitude of will. Aquino knows when to draw the line and early on, the president-elect has, indeed, drawn the line for would-be destabilizers and sinister characters such as Gonzales.

Follow the law, even if you criticize me. If you transgress the law, then, be ready to suffer.

That's the problem with Gonzales and this Arroyo mafia--they have been in power for nine long years and now that the People want them to vacate their seats, they would not. Probably their asses are so tightly stuck in their chairs that their asses already formed the seat.

Maybe Gonzales' task is simply to show Aquino that the outgoing administration has the capability of launching something more sinister and more serious than these veiled threats.

It is common knowledge that Aquino and Arroyo are not in speaking terms and the new administration is really serious in addressing the issue of corruption during the last dispensation.

These forces of evil are trying to project that they are still a force to reckon with and finding ways on indirectly pressuring Aquino to "go slow" especially to those who committed grave infractions and thievery during the past dispensation.

Gonzales' posturings are like hot air or compressed air accumulated during the nine years he amassed as Arroyo's Rasputin.

Assessing the current situation, I really don't think anyone is capable of launching a destabilization or a coup d'etat against Aquino.

First, no one in the military organization will support a coup d'etat against Aquino. Despite some lingering rumours of unrest in the Reserved forces and the sergeants corps, it is quite early to even say that "good forces" are out to destroy a good president.

Only malevolent forces out to institute dictatorship and one-mafia rule and possibly criminal elements would try to even plan out a destabilization move against Aquino.

Who, in his right mind, would even think of spoiling the broth so to speak, this early? I bet you, members of GOnzales' "government-in-waiting" are those involved one way or the other of previous graft cases and are deathly afraid of their own lives once Aquino pursues his anti-graft and corruption quest.

Only those smugglers, big-time operators, cheaters, thieves-in-barong and cartelistas would really plan to create destabilization.

We have been given the opportunity to really change Philippine society, the limits depend really on the breath and scope of our imagination.

Instead of planning to oust this incoming government, why not think of ways on how to help it achieve its goals? Time for real P-noys to stand up and contribute something for change.