Friday, June 11, 2010

Where is the inauguration venue for Noynoy?

There are two proposed venues for Noynoy Aquino's inauguration site. The first, Rizal monument in Luneta and the other one, Quezon Memorial circle.

What's the fascination for burial sites as venues for the inauguration? We all know that the Rizal monument in Luneta bears the bones of our martyred hero (his remains were first interred at Paco cemetery and later transferred to Bagumbayan or Luneta). Remains of the Republic's first president, Manuel Quezon, meanwhile, also are interred at the Circle. 

I think Noynoy should consider the symbolic relevance of his presidency--that people perceive his administration as ushering a New Era, a New Morning, so to speak. His inauguration should be a place which symbolizes the New Philippines. And what is the place that symbolizes it?

A place where progress and development is being currently achieved.

I suggest three (3) places:

1. Why not at the Andres Bonifacio monument in Calookan? Historically, the place is highly significant because it was the place where the Revolution and the very first Philippine government were established. It was in the Cry of Pugad Lawin where the first Philippine government was launched.

It would also symbolize the very theme of this administration--a government run by the true representatives of the Filipino People and by the people. We all know the stark difference between the concept of governance of the Katipunan led by the Supremo with that of the dictatorial regime put forward by the ilustrados led by the Magdalos of Aguinaldo.

Aquino, I hope, agrees with me that he is the New Bonifacio of the New Generation. If he wants a very good beginning for his administration, then, pay homage to the true Filipino patriot.

I think the best place to hold the inauguration is at the Andres Bonifacio monument in Calookan.

2. Why not before the Ninoy Aquino statue at the corner of Paseo and Ayala Avenues in Makati? That is very symbolic. That symbolizes that Noynoy is committed on pursuing the ideals of his martyred father, Ninoy.

3. Hold the inauguration at the EDSA revolution shrine at the corner of White Plains and EDSA. That will show that Aquino has committed himself in operationalizing the ideals of EDSA.