Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Old and New Faces in Aquino administration

Government agencies which enjoyed minimal public approbation and traditionally perceived as corrupt, would now be under the administration of former or previous Cabinet members. I really don't know if this would help pursue what Noynoy promised during the campaign period--that he would rid government of graft and corruption. Consider...

Ramos man Guillermo Parayno, former revenue commissioner who served during Arroyo's time, is being recycled to head the Customs department. Everyone knows how dirty this agency is, and I am very sad that this agency will now be headed by a "player", who comes from BIR, another agency with a very low tolerance to graft and corrupt practices.

Kim Henares, a Parayno bosom buddy, is expected to head the Bureau of Internal Revenue. So, there will be two powerful names in the Aquino administration--Parayno-Henares. How then would we expect these two secretaries to do balance or systems check to each other when they are buddies?

Secretary Ping de Jesus, a former Erap Cabinet member, is being tapped to head the Department of Transportation and Communication.

Cesar Purisima, who also resigned during Arroyo's time, will head the Finance department, the post he left when he joined the Hyatt 10. Expect the same finance policies under Arroyo to be implemented in Aquino's administration.

Former water executive Rogelio Singson will head the Department of Public Works and Highways. How in the hell was Singson appointed or even considered, knowing that he came from a utility company controlled by the Ayalas? (ERRATUM:1. In my previous entry, I said Maynilad is owned by the Lopezes. Wrong. Maynilad is now AYALA-owned. Sorry for the mixup.).

New names were also named by Aquino:

Instead of Dr. Alip, a veteran trapo from Quezon province by the name of Cong. Alcala was named Department of Agriculture secretary.

Leila de Lima, the tough cookie who once headed the Human Rights Commission, is now head of the Justice department. De Lima is the only appointee deserving of the post.

While Bertie Lim of the Makati Business Club (MBC) will head the tourism portfolio. Bertie Lim is the brother of the Probe team head.

It is now being bruited about that Noynoy will personally head the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), a probable compromise with Vice President Jejomar Binay.