Monday, July 19, 2010

An Abad Administration instead of an Aquino?

President Noynoy Aquino should be advised by his media handlers. There is a limit to being transparent. Example is the uproar created by his statement practically clearing Senator Antonio Trillianes IV of the coup d'etat charges against him.

Aquino is not a private citizen anymore. His views, even if its personal, is now clearly "official". There is no distinction anymore between Citizen Noy and Pnoy. Utterances of the president are now fair game, always.

It seemed that Aquino's statement absolving Trillianes was interpreted as "presidential intervention". It is clear from our laws that the Executive cannot interfere with the workings of our courts, that is certain.

Anyway, what is this we hear from there? That the description of this administration is not Aquino, but ABAD.

Is there a dearth of good men in our country?

Butch Abad is Budget secretary. His daughter, Julia, sits as the Presidential Management Staff head while her brother, Lucio, serves as Consultant to Finance secretary Cesar Purisima. Butch's wife has been elected and is poised to serve as a Legislative liaison to President Noynoy Aquino.

Another form of Kamaganak Incorporated?