Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Best Sellouts in History: Hugh Hefner and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Heard that Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy, wants to sell the world's first smut mag to another smut publisher, Penthouse. The price for such a sellout? US$ 310 million, enough to keep Hefner's pricey mansion with his legal harem.

Decades ago, you would not hear of such things. Penthouse is a poor second behind Playboy in the "titillation" department. Ask any Vietnam war veteran what was his first choice as literature, and immediately its Playboy. I don't know what Desert storm veterans feel, but, some of them, I believe have their copies beside their buck beds at night.

Ask yourself, ask me any name of a sexy frustration and chances are, she's a former Playboy bunny. Any Penthouse star who turned into a household name? Hey, it's all titties. Yet Americans see it different when you're in Playboy. I read one survey which says that it was Playboy who made nudism a life-long obsession. Ask any celebrity where she intends to reveal her intimate secrets and it's unanimous---Playboy. And people love "reading" someone's secrets.

Now, Hefner feels old and wants to retire at eighti-ish. His daughter was not up to it that's why he hired another one. That one was not as sexually active as Hugh is, that's why his view on sex runs entirely opposite of Hugh. Big titties replaced small ones, and mushy bushes turned bald. Nothing wrong, except that those models are not Marilyn Monroes. They're bunnies.

When sex turns stale, time to buy magazines. Ask any one without money to buy Viagra, they say it's equally effective.

US$ 310 million is a big amount nowadays, especially since companies are still reeling at the effects of the global recession. Maybe Hugh thought this will tide him thru the afterlife.

If Hugh feels okey with 310 million, that's not the case with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This pussy foot of a boxer, pussy foots his way to stellar status only to feel under the weather whenever asked when he'll fight Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao already accepted his request for an Olympic style blood test. Bob Arum already made an arrangement. Mayweather Jr. however, wants nothing of it. He's a pussy, same as those we see in Playboy.

Opps...I'm wrong. He's not exactly a pussy, he's more than a pussy---he's a gay without a spine. Sorry for this, Mayweather Jr. is not a homosexual, oh no. He's more than that. Danton would send me an email, I'm sure if I append the term "gay" to Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather is a wimp with a bald pussy where his whimpy would have it. Don't ask me where I got this. Ask Sports Illustration. Or, sports channel.

Mayweather is a shame. He should be banned in the black community. Imagine, those black hunks right now scared shitless of bespectacled Asians. Blame Floyd. His black ass is useless. Where's the hood? The hood is useful only when Asians walk the busy streets of New York. Ask Floyd. He's always hooded especially when he's asked why he's scared shitless of Pacquiao.

Maybe he loves Pacquiao so much, he does'nt want to even hit the Pinoy pug's arms.

That goes to Noy--afraid of firing Alvarez and Singson and all over old timers in your cabinet? What's this? You're an excellent shooter? Good. Point your gun where you need to. Time to start firing those syndicate members in your official family. Otherwise, people might suspect you're selling out for change.