Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chaos in MMDA: Nacianceno versus Inocentes

There are two warring factions over at the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA)--the faction of General Manager Robert Nacianceno and MMDA chairman Oscar Inocentes. Nacienceno, according to highly reliable sources, is lobbying to be the MMDA chairman. Inocentes is doing the same. They are doing their own thing, separate from the other, and the outcome? A very chaotic organization.

And who is suffering from this war of attrition? The Filipino public.

Nacianceno has failed to rid EDSA of colorum buses and Inocentes reportedly did nothing to rid the national highway of road obstructions. Nacianceno has failed to mobilize traffic enforcers in critical areas of the highway while Inocentes is doing nothing to manage the metropolis flood control systems.

Noynoy, these two nincompoops deserve nothing but derision, especially Nacienceno who has been there at the MMDA for several decades already, with no noticeable improvement in the MMDA system. He should be fired already, same goes to Inocentes who is too concerned with the revenues and profits of towing services, according to veteran MMDA reporters covering the government agency.

They should be replaced with people who are really committed in solving the innumerable problems in Metro Manila.

By the way, billboards came crashing down yesterday at the height of Typhoon Basyang's onslaught. Billboard owners have failed to implement their contingency plan during typhoons.

Inocentes should be fired immediately and replaced. It would be extremely better if Vice President Jejomar Binay assumes the MMDA post.