Thursday, July 15, 2010

Colonel Ariel Querubin will get his justice by tomorrow...hopefully (hurrah!)

Tomorrow, a new day it is for detained Colonel and YOU co-founder Ariel Querubin. Querubin, if you remember, remains incarcerated for alleged mutiny charges filed against him by former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. He is the only officer still in jail for pursuing his ideals.

Querubin will be given his day in court and I pray that the sun shines brightly for him tomorrow. He has been there for more than four years, accused of a crime he did not commit. While others who stood by him have already been granted their liberty, Querubin decided not to do it the easy way and he remains in jail, a courageous act by one of the country's most bemedalled and highly respected officer.

He did not make it to the Senate, yet, the entire Nation will welcome the Motherland's beloved son once those chains that symbolizes injustice are broken by tomorrow. Justice, under the new administration, will now be fair for the officer who never backed down during his five years of struggle against Arroyo.

The question really is, will Querubin be the last of the Patriots in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)? Will he be the last breed of soldiers who will march from their barracks and show the civilian authority how crooked and how they are misgoverning these lands?

For as long as injustice is there and the last remnants of the old order remain within the government bureaucracy, the cause of the Just Soldier will stay relevant.

For as long as the soldiers on the field of battle die because of lack of effective weaponry and adequate ammo, and for as long as those shoes remain old, dusty and pot-marked with holes from extended use, the Just Soldier will always be there to remind those people who always forget to give honors to those who lay down their lives for the Motherland.

The causes that Querubin and Generals Miranda and Lim fought for are all over. These Patriots fought against an illegal government.

Now that the vestiges of illegality are now things even despicable to remember, it is time for us to heal old wounds and commit ourselves to Nation-building.

Those who benefited from the old dispensation by ass licking their way to power, will never be supported by the Just soldier.

Those who spread malicious lies about the AFP and the new administration and are trying to foster dissent among the ranks just because they are now out of power, should always be reminded of the brutal lessons, traitors of the people always get from History--that an unjust Cause brings malady to the rabble rouser.

The People will never support a coup against this new administration.

Those who have sacrificed their careers for the sake of the common man, are heroes all.

YOU Founder Colonels Diosdado Valeroso and Ariel Querubin, ex Lieutenant Senior Grade Antonio Trillianes IV, and former Generals Danny Lim and Miranda and Major Nicanor Faeldon are heroes of the Motherland.

Let their names be enshrined in the hallowed halls of the People's Consciousness and let their names shine like the stars in the night skies, evermore.

Those who will use these people's Cause as a springboard to justify their dastardly plan to seize power from the Legitimate Power, will see themselves at the receiving end of the People's Wrath.

There are signs that elements of the former regime are desirous to return to power. Their plan will fail, and they will fail miserably.

For the New Patriots will seize their arms and frustrate them and will show the People their true natures, traitors and double faced deceivers of the Filipino People.