Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dreams and Nightmares

" We can now dream"

These are the immortal and headline-hugging words of President Noynoy Aquino when he gave his first State of the Nation Address (SONA).

We can now dream of a better future, perhaps or we can now dream of a bright one for our families.

Let us, however, go back to reality, okey, and not be misled by promises. As what ABS-CBN did, they compiled all of Aquino's promises and as of latest count, it's now in the hundreds. Only half of the Filipino population believes that Aquino would actually fulfill all those eye-candy promises.

It is easy to day dream, of a world full of healthy foods, of a living more comfortable than this or of a dream to have one's own home to go to at the end of the day.

Some of us would definitely be able to dream BIG because they have monies. Most, however, would just dream, and hope that their dreams would not necessarily turn into nightmares, afterwards.

These initial three years of this new administration would just be devoted to the democratization of institutions. The next three would be only the beginning of true reforms, long lasting ones.

The next administration would reap the benefits of democratization, and not this one. The damages wrought to our institutions of governance have been extreme, serious and destabilizing that democratizing them would require gargantuan efforts on the part of the new dispensation.

This can only be achieved faster and better if this government coalesce itself with well-meaning groups, such as the Left and the Right. A coalition government would be better so that much needed reforms would move faster and more efficient.

Control of the government should be shifted from big interest groups to civil society and non governmental institutions. A more participative government is the order of the day.