Tuesday, July 27, 2010

State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III

It was not as shocking as what I expected, yet the first State of the Nation Address of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III made me cry. Those tears I shed were not tears of sadness, but of anger. Those were not tears of self-pity, but of silent rage.

Silent rage because until now, those responsible for the systematic rape of the Motherland continues on their extravagant lifestyle. They continue to live their lives without any charges against them. They feed their families with their loot, they pay the tuition fees of their children from the very monies we earn every single day with our blood and sweat, and they were able to buy properties left and right from the very monies we so gave the government when it should have benefitted our families.

President Noynoy Aquino's State of the Nation address just showed a fraction of Philippine reality. It just showed how officials of the former dispensation abused their power and authority and their wanton disregard to the law and the morality of those laws.

With all these so-called expose, the question and the challenge for President Noynoy Aquino is simply how will he correct these injustices and these mistakes?

He said that these officials will be made accountable through the Truth Commission. Will this Truth Commission be just a body to exonerate these people from their past sins? Will this be a PR stunt meant to cleanse the tarnished reputation of these former government officials?

Yet, come to think of it, these things were acts of high-profile thievery.

How about the centuries-old thievery done by big time landlords? How about those who abused and committed acts of injustice to our farmers?

How about those who illegally occupied our communal waters and made them their own? How about those who pillaged our forests and carved our mountains for ore?

How about those who continually oppress us with their high oil prices? What will Aquino do to these big time oil cartels?

How about real estate companies who collude with unscrupulous officials of the Land Registration Authority (LRA) and illegally occupy lands not their own?

Aquino trained his gun right smack at former government officials. He forgot about their accomplices in the private sector, who also benefitted also from the largesse that the former dispensation gave to its loyal subjects.

Meralco has committed grave sins against the Filipino People for their exorbitant rate charges. Maynilad and Manila Water continually oppress us with their commodified water. How about those who control our food stocks and influence the market by hiding their stocks?

There are still many unresolved problems out there that President Noynoy Aquino forgot to say, purposely or unpurposely, but, this remains a challenge to both his administration and to us, the Filipino People.

Let us sharpen our bolos, sharpen them to razor edge. If this administration fails to charge these people and allow them to enjoy their loot, then, we, the Filipino People, should do something about it.

I call upon the New Patriots of the New Generation---slay these demons that oppressed the Motherland and put their heads on stakes, so that the world would know that we, as a people, respect ourselves and our future successors and we do not allow such brutes to oppress us and steal our monies.

One by one, these people will surely fall by the edge of our bolos.

Let the Sparrows fly again and do their duties to the Motherland. For, never again will we rage in silence.