Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fourth of July

Before, we Filipinos also celebrate the Fourth of July as our Independence day. Our government changed that after US influence declined over the years. Some Pinoys, especially those based in the United States, celebrate this along with their American friends. Here, we commemorate the fourth of July with our American friends.

Fourth of July has become a very significant date where freedom-loving peoples around the world consider as a day of independence. When Americans decided among themselves that it is time for them to liberate their country from the yoke of British colonialism, many people supported their revolt. The French was with them when they successfully launched their revolt. And when the Americans achieved independence, it inspired the New World. 

With independence, comes great economic prosperity. Free from the constrictions of feudalism and inspired by the liberating ideology of capitalism, the Americans became one of the most prosperous race in the world. Capitalism blossomed and took hold of American life, so much so that everyone aspired to get a slice of the American dream, which, if you look closely, is a dream of becoming prosperous, rich and famous.

As the center of capitalism, America first developed its internal structures. These structures were established to support the uninhibited growth of capitalism.

However, it came to a point that for capitalism to survive, America has to dominate the markets of the world. Over production gave Americans no choice but to build and dominate markets of other countries. They did so thru the use of arms, at first. When it became difficult, Americans shifted their strategy from using war as a strategy of domination to neo-imperialism. Neo-imperialism necessitated America to use its ever-increasing political influence for more trade and more open markets.

Not just political influence, American marshalled its image and social influencers to dominate cultures of other countries. Pop icons such as Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton and Mel Gibson turned from American icons into world icons. This spurs more consumer interests in whatever American, since minds become accultured to North American consumerist values.

The Philippines fell victim to this when America conquered these islands almost a century ago. Thousands of Americans went on and conquered these lands. If you look at history, Americans were the most brutal invading force this country ever so. The number of Filipinos they killed surpassed those whom Spaniards killed during their 300 year reign. More than half a million Filipinos were brutally massacred in Samar and the rest of the country during the 20 or so years of insurrection against American rule.

Americans also killed 500,000 Filipinos in the liberation of Manila and more than a million died when American troops launched their brutal battles against Japanese forces.

Despite these, Americans (and Japanese) are the most beloved allies of the Filipinos. Ironic, is'nt? We love our Toyotas and our Guess. We danced to rap music and enjoyed sporting Japanese hairstyles. Painful memories do fade away.