Saturday, July 3, 2010

Filipinos are World's Greatest Assets

We, Filipinos, are the World’s Greatest Assets.

Look around you, and you’ll realize that everything you see are wondrous works of Filipino creation. Travel abroad, and expect to find at least one Filipino bravely holding himself up before the rest of the world. Look at the tee-shirts you’re wearing, and you’ll find that even its threads are probably Pinoy and even if its “Made in China” or “Made in the USA”, chances are one of those who sewed it and made it the best tee-shirt in the world is a Filipino.

When the world wakes up every morning, they use a product that is Filipino made. The bed they lie on, the soft and nice pillows they rest their heads on and even those comforters they wrap their bodies to keep warm, at least one Filipino invested his time and skills to make it.

When the world rise from their beds, and put on those slippers, at least a billion wears those made from the Philippines. They go to their comfort rooms and brush their teeth and probably not just a billion feels great using toothpaste and a toothbrush made by Filipinos. They clean themselves up using soaps which probably came from a factory somewhere in Laguna or in Subic. And they wash their hair using shampoos promoted by top Filipino marketing managers and professionals.

They go to their dinner tables and chances are, they’ll find at least one Pinoy product there. They use cutlery which material probably comes from the ore mines of the Philippines. The very wood or steel that makes up their dinner tables are materials harvested from Philippine forests and mountains.

Filipino hands made those excellent cuisines now being enjoyed by the world’s rich and uber famous. Some of the world’s greatest chefs are Pinoys, while most of the hotel staff of top 5 and 6-star hotels around the world are Pinoys. The world is slowly warming up with the Filipino’s version of the adobo and chicken tinola. Filipino cuisines are starting to dominate the world’s kitchens, with uniquely Pinoy creations being served at millions of homes around the globe.

We eat potato chips and pizzas uniquely modified to suit Filipino tastes. We salivate at Filipino fruits, like mangos and durians. We lavish ourselves from the products from our seas and oceans. We enjoy every morsel of rice which came from our fields.

When the world goes to work, they ride on modern cars powered by Filipino minds and ingenuity. Filipino hands and intellect power the world’s greatest cars. Pinoy engineers now design the most sophisticated machines inside our Ferraris, BMWs, Chryslers and Mercedes Benz. From the headlights down to the suspensions and wheels, there is some speck of Filipino there for the entire world to appreciate. Fact is, those modern designs we now see in our cars, even if it’s a Toyota or a Mitsubishi, are mostly inventions by Filipino car designers.

Whatever the world sees in classrooms or in their work stations, chances are, there is at least one made or invented by a Filipino.

You’ll find a Filipino in the top universities in the world, pitting his brains against some of the world’s best. Nowadays, it’s entirely common to hear a Filipino graduate from Harvard or Oxford. Ivy League schools in the United States are full of Filipinos; same goes to the top European institutions. We have some Filipinos graduating at the top of their classes in the US military academy and commanding battalions as officers of the world’s greatest army. And we have great Filipino academicians teaching the world’s business titans how to run their companies.

We have Filipinos at NASA and Pinoy scientists over at BERN. We see Filipinos tinkering with sophisticated technologies in Japan, the United States and Europe. Filipinos are also working as inventors of newer technologies. Those who don’t know must know that Filipinos are also active in the fields of bio-technology, neuroscience, and information technology. We have bio-engineers who are now involved in developing creative and useful technologies for the rest of the world to use and enjoy.

Those laptops we now currently enjoy have Filipino intellect invested into it. The very chips that power those personal computers, IPods and IPods are proudly Filipino made. From the sands of this great country comes silica, the prime component of electronic chips. And from the ore mines of Zambales and Mindanao comes forth copper and other minerals which the world uses in manufacturing electronic gadgets and wires. What’s important is we Filipinos invest our minds in transforming those tiny sands into chips that power human civilization.

We have young Pinoys such as Brian Quebengco who spearheads Inovent, a young startup company that invented the world’s first interactive television. Despite working with meager resources, Quebengco and his gang of Innoventors are on the verge of unveiling this television which will revolutionize the way the world watches TV.

We build great ships that sail the world’s oceans and seas. Our Filipino brothers and sisters are captains in some of the world’s biggest oil tankers. Filipinos also dominate the world’s skies as the most sought-after commercial and training pilots in some of the top airlines in the world.

When the world’s businessmen enter hotels, they are welcomed by Pinoys. When they rest in those comfy beds, a Filipino attends to their needs. When someone enjoys a cool daiquiri in an Ibiza-inspired pool in some resort, a Filipino probably made it for him. Those warm meals served are Filipino made. When they leave their hotels or resorts, a Filipino gives them his most precious and warm smile to enliven them. Surely, millions of them when they arrive home, a Filipino will be there to arrange their meals and iron their clothes.

Some Filipinos command great armies of workers around the world. They serve as managers, supervisors and field commanders in some of the world’s top manufacturing companies. In the Middle East, most of those who work to harvest that black gold are Filipino engineers. While those fields of gold in the United States, South America, Asia and Europe are being attended to by hardworking Filipino workers. Even our oceans are populated by Filipinos either as sailors or captains, or in some places, Filipinos are themselves commercial fishermen.

The world listens to Pinoy music millions of times in a day. Charice Pempengco tops the pop charts in the US every single week. Pinoy crooners spread the message of love in most of the world’s radios and video karaoke bars. Pinoy bands enliven the club scene not just in Asia, but even in Las Vegas, the world’s premier entertainment site. We are in the top opera houses, the top orchestras, the top rock bands and even in carnivals and festivals around the world. Our dancers enchant the world every single day in most of the world’s great stages.

We see Pinoy art bringing joy to millions, and Pinoy writers weaving words into art in advertising copies around the world. We enjoy a Mickey Mouse drawn by a Filipino animator and an almost realistic Spider-man or a Superman flying over rooftops and skyscrapers made by a Filipino computer animator. Some of the world’s top comic’s characters came alive from a Filipino sketch book, while the creepiest villains and admirable heroes spring forth from the mind of another Pinoy.

Those games we enjoy in our PS3’s, Nintendo and PC games are most likely produced and inspired by Filipino game creators and animators. Even some cell phone games are Pinoy inventions.

Pinoys even dominate the martial arts world, what with Pinoys competing in URCC and in wrestling matches. We see a Pinoy making history as the most multi-titled pugilist in world boxing history. We have a Pinoy legend in billiards, another one in professional bowling. Someday, Filipinos will dominate fencing, wushu, amateur wrestling, swimming, even football.

Even at the world political scene, Filipino diplomats stand toe-to-toe with the world’s greatest minds. We are considered the world’s best in diplomatic circles. The first United Nations head is a Pinoy. The first ever Asian to head the International Labor Organization is a Bulakeno. And most staffers of the United Nations are Filipinos.

It is most unfortunate though that despite all of these, we have a government that is as corrupt, as chaotic and as direction-less as an African or South American government.

Yes, we are critical players in stabilizing the world, yet, we are as destabilized in our own country. We give order in the world, yet, in our own soil, we are as disorderly and disorganized as some petty state in an obscure place in the world. Our compatriots abroad distinguished themselves as the best law-abiding citizens, yet, in our own country, most of us distinguish ourselves as one of the world’s dirtiest and the most despicable thrashers in history.

We spread and give light to human civilization, yet, our country is still under a state of extreme darkness.

It is time for Filipinos to serve and be assets in their own birthplace. It is time for Filipinos to share their talents and transform this country and make it the best in the world. There is nothing, oh, nothing that can prevent us from achieving what we want. We have proven time and again that if we only pool our acts together, and use these bountiful resources in our midst, we can achieve what others thought impossible.

Our country stands at the crossroads. One road leads to greatness while the other, perdition. That road to greatness is fraught with dangers and sufferings. While the other, is as easy as crossing the street, yet the end of it, damnation.

As we usher a new day under a new administration, let us seize the moment and make a new page in our history. Let us erase those painful memories of an evil past and try to create a better one through unity of our minds. There is nothing, oh nothing that can prevent a united Nation from achieving greatness. If we all work together and think that greatness is just an arm’s length away, nothing is impossible. Blot out all negative thoughts and focus at the great task at hand—rebuild this country from the ground up and establish a Nation that is the best in the world.

We are the creators of our future. We are the creators of our own greatness. We are great when we think and believe that we are great. When 90 million Filipinos think great every single day, we will achieve what no other country ever did---propel this nation to First World status by six years.

We can do it. We can achieve what we want—a better quality of life for all Filipinos. Let us all be engineers of our great future. Let us all be part of this great enterprise of nation-building. Let us share this vision to everyone who wants nothing but a better future for himself, for his family and for his successors.

Look around you, and you’ll see a very promising landscape. Just go to Makati and Pasay, and you’ll see the Marriott group of hotels near one of our international airports. Try to go to Ayala and you’ll find a Raffles hotel being built beside Landmark. Go out of Metro Manila and you’ll find great resorts and hotels being established. Check out our new airports, and bridges and roads. These are infrastructures of our future.

Even look at yourself in the mirror and you’ll find that there is something new, something dynamic, something promising in you that is worth sharing with other Filipinos. Find that new thing within you and spread it around. Instead of just being a passive observer, be an intellectual entrepreneur. Spread that new thinking, your intellectual invention with other Filipinos and within a short period of time, you’ll be the leader of a great enterprise.

Look around you, and you’ll see a silent revolution, the entrepreneurial revolt, spreading in every direction, in every nook and cranny of the Metropolis and even in the remotest barangays throughout this great nation. From thinking of just being laborers and employees, a great majority of Filipinos are transforming themselves into entrepreneurs. Yes, we are emerging into an entrepreneur’s hub in Asia.

What’s great, I sense that a great social infrastructure is slowly emerging from the loins of the Filipino masses. This infrastructure is Pinoy bayanihan, the realization that every one is a patriot in his own right, and the recognition that, as a Patriot, he is a substantive part in that human infrastructure.

We are slowly transcending the old philosophical world-view of individual-centric, into mass or social-centric. This is made possible by an infusion of new thinking. This new thinking is slowly permeating the public sphere and infecting every one! The new thinking is information-driven, and being exchanged every second. This is the new promise, the new Hope, the new Future!

Let the new administration nurture this and serve as a guide. Guide us towards greatness. Be an example of greatness and the rest of the country will rise up and follow.

Rise up, o Motherland! Rise up from centuries of lethargy and be inspired by the work of your Patriotic sons and daughters! There is a great enterprise rising over the horizon of despair. A new Sun has taken over the darkness. A new race of Filipinos are taking over. Let the millions of Filipino patriots seize this moment, create a new page in History and build a great Nation from the ashes of disbelief and despair. Time to re-build this Nation from the ground up! Time to create a Golden age where Filipinos are once again proud of their heritage and of their race! We are Filipinos and we are great.