Friday, July 2, 2010

A mouthful from "Education secretary" Bro. Armin Luistro

I was actually amused yesterday when I heard new Education secretary Brother Armin Luistro berating the media for not being "cooperative" or "helpful". Luistro, one of the critics of the former dispensation, which new President Noynoy Aquino described as "unresponsive" or "deaf (bingi)" from the cries and pleas of the Filipino People, asked the prying media with a loud voice, that they are not being so helpful. Luistro, who criticized the Arroyo government for being "deaf and blind" to the outpouring of dissent and anger against the government, got angry when the media asked what he thinks of the appointment of Dr. Ona as health secretary. Earlier, Ona responded that he favors the Reproductive Health bill, a total opposition to the Church stand, which Luistro is expected to adhere to. Surely, there is now a brewing "battle of wits" between Luistro and Ona. How will Aquino resolve this?

Luistro, it seems, is already making himself "unresponsive" and "un-friendly" with the Philippine media. What's so wrong with the question? Instead of addressing the issue head-on, Luistro exhibited a bratty stance. Why, oh, why, my brother? Feeling the heat this early?

Like what I said in my previous entry, public service is servanthood. As servants of the People, Luistro should be forthwith and transparent. What's so wrong with the question? There is nothing into it. Yet, Luistro thought that it was "malicious" on the part of the media to even ask him about it. This early, alter-egos of Aquino are acting like petty magistrates who think they owe the public nothing.

Tsk,tsk,tsk, is this the way Luistro wants us, especially the children, to behave and act? That when you don't like the tone or the way a question was phrased, you'll get angry and accuse people of malice?

Maybe Luistro was not listening when his principal, new Philippine president Noynoy Aquino said before a huge throng of 500,000 that he already ended the era of an unresponsive government. Maybe Luistro was so shocked when he saw sacks and piles upon piles of papers in his desk, the "legacy" of his predecessor.

Luistro needs help. He needs an effective public relations man. He must realize that he is now a public property and such people should behave appropriately.

This early, both Luistro and Lacierda should ever be reminded of their new roles. Luistro, the media is not your ever obedient La Sallian students, oh no.