Friday, July 2, 2010

From PGMA to PMGMA? Prime Minister Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo?

Yesterday, former pseudo-president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo filed Resolution no. 8, calling for a Constitutional Convention. Arroyo says in her self-contrived Resolution that there is a need to review the 1987 Constitution and subsequently, change it.

Let me express what many people silently uttered when they heard what you did---KAPAL NG MUKHA MO! SHIT KA!

Have you no shame?

First, you stole the presidency from a popularly elected one. Then, you broke your promise and ran in an election where you again, stole not just our monies but the legitimate voice of the people.

With what you did, you institutionalized corruption, ineptitude, dog-style governance and worst, immorality. You corrupted the bureaucracy. You prostituted the government. You led a very expensive yet shallow government. You spent close to 3 billion pesos of our hard earned money touring the world with your family in tow. Worst, you governed for nine excruciating years and gave us a 340 billion peso headache.

You enriched your family's wealth 2,000 over. You're lucky that the people had the patience and tolerated your excesses. You're lucky that you became a president in a country whose people are so tired struggling every single day from the troubles you created that whatever ounce of strength left in us, was not enough to topple you from your ivory tower.

Now, you want to blame the charter for all our woes?

Please, look at the mirror and admit just once, that you fucked us up and besmirched the memory of your father, the late Dado Macapagal.

GOLLUM, err, GLORIA, please, fade away. The reason why we are now in dire shit, is because of the mismanagement you did for the past nine years. Even with a very good and ideal charter, with you at the helm, problems will simply stay unresolved. All because you consider public service as your private domain, your profession. You are as selfish as your cheek mole.

I pray to God that He reminds you of your frailty and mortality, like what he did to your husband. Your husband is still alive as a punishment. You, on the other hand, needs to be reminded of what life really is---just a breath which God, in His infinite mercies, lends to us. When the Master of Death visits you in your dreams, I just pray that He shows you His shining sickle and reminds you that we, humans, are but a shadow hovering between life and death.

Still, may God bless you and show you the beauty of letting go. Let me re-phrase what I said--may the Good and Gracious Lord show you the wondrous beauty of going away. :-)