Saturday, July 31, 2010

Noynoy needs a massage and spa

New photos of Philippine president Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III shows him thinner and stressed out. It just what? a month after his inauguration?

Is Aquino ready for more troubles ahead? The past dispensation has left us with an empty coffer and numerous anti-people deals that need individual review. And there are thousands out there.

I know Noy does not want some make-up put in his face but for the sake of the nation, he should probably hearken to the words of his stylist, Liz Uy.

Noy should recognize that he is now the new face of the Filipino People.

Heard from some Malacanang veterans that the palace really does that to its new occupants. Compare Mrs. Arroyo's photos in 2001 with that of her photo in 2004. Or Madame Cory Aquino's refreshing look prior to February 1986 to that of her photo in 1992.

Come to think of it....ignore my words. He looks like every single one of us. Every single one is stressed out. Everyone is suffering from high prices of commodities and the high cost of living.

Some looks younger than others simply because someone takes extra care of them. I have my wife to massage my tired muscles and soothe my tired mind.

Maybe, Noynoy needs a massage from who else but Shalani Soledad? A nasty rumour went round and about, indicating a split between the two. Yesterday, however, Soledad went to Times street and gave some cookies to Noy. Sweet.

Maybe Shalani should ask her boyfriend to go with her to some private place, away from the palace, and just spend at least one night together. Let Shalani do some "mother-ly" thing, like massaging Noy's tired muscles and apply some magic to his aching neck. Or, maybe some rocking will do? You know what I mean. :-)

By the way, when I arrived back here, I witnessed a miracle. I never saw that during the nine long years of Mrs. Arroyo's reign.

Noynoy's entourage went pass EDSA and motorists tried their best to give way to it. There were no wangwangs. The entourage just simply slipped past every single one as silently as possible.

That shows you the tremendous respect people have accorded to the new president. I just hope that men behind his administration would enjoy the same respect.