Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lacierda and the Philippine media

Edwin Lacierda, I was told, committed another faux pas yesterday. He broke the story about Memorandum Circular No. 2 to a popular TV network first before the Malacanang Press Corps.

That is not a neophyte blunder anymore. That is a willful act. What Lacierda fails to recognize is simply the effects of such acts to the assigned reporters in Malacanang.

Imagine the humiliation some reporters got from their desk editors when they failed to get the first stab at that story. It was not a minor story. It was a major one because it involved the lives and careers of government officials.

Mia (Gonzales), the incumbent MPC president, should do something about this.

Another official who got the media ire was new MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino. Tolentino's spokesperson, a certain Yves, reportedly gave GMA 7 reporter Lala Roque the wrong cellphone number of Tolentino.

Remember that it was Tolentino who gave ABS-CBN 2 thru DZMM that story of a cache of money reportedly being given by bus companies to MMDA officials as tongpats.

Why are these officials so fearful of media?

Media should be a strong ally of the new administration. This early, however, media is now being relegated and sidelined.

Media is the strongest feedback mechanism that government has.

I think this new administration should think that they are operating not as a campaign machinery anymore nor Aquino's propagandists. They are now government's official news agency. They should think like that, otherwise, after 100 days, they'll surely encounter a rougher road than what they expect.