Monday, July 26, 2010

Rey Marfil---ASEC for Media Relations

I was glad to know that Rey Marfil, a good friend, is now Assistant Secretary for Media Relations. Marfil is one of the best and the most endearing of all journalists from the old school. He knows what journalists need and that is, a good story.

At the height of the EDSA dos, Marfil and I was Senate beat reporters. We covered the Mary Ong expose for which I was tagged as the "handler" of the controversial whistle blower. Unknown to Rey, Senator Ping Lacson is one of my kumpadres and the reason why I was there was simply to assist a lady in distress.

Since he was (and still is) bubbly and a jovial guy, he wrote in his Abante column that I had a liaison with Mary which is definitely not true. Of course, I forgave him after that, seeing that the column was not that malicious.

Marfil and I had many memorable events together, covering as many controversial events as possible. When I decided to try my luck in the corporate world, Marfil and many of my friends were left behind. I did that with a heavy heart. I need to at least save some money for the future.

Now, I want to go back to where I really belong--journalism. I just hope that some of my friends read this. I am going back to journalism.