Friday, July 16, 2010

Shameful and unshameful acts

Why is it that the Arroyo family always go to Hongkong? What is the reason for their regular visits to the island-state? Gloria, her husband Mike and son Dato just left for Hongkong yesterday.

Anyway, I almost cried when I saw this photo from the Philippine Star today--former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo lining up to pay his airport taxes. They are like a normal family.

I really think that the Arroyos are now one big happy family. It has been a long time that we see them like this. I just hope that they stay this way and I pray for them.

They are now showing us some delicadeza, a thing which they lost for the past nine years. When you're out of power, that's the time you feel delicadeza.

By the way....

William Villarica, owner of a string of pawnshops around the country, goes around with a Lamborghini. He lives a high life. Yet, he's now accused of tax evasion. He has not paid any single cent for the past 8 years. He's now the first "big fish" that the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) will go after. 

Villarica should be ashamed. 

Equally ashamed is this news I got from a highly reliable source.

Executive secretary Paquito Ochoa, along with several lawyers, including Atty. Musngi and Jose Amorado drank to their hearts content inside the Premier Guest House in Malacanang.

Ochoa and his buddies ordered cases of beer and pulutan. They reportedly was very rowdy and even sang lewd songs.

Probably they don't know one administrative regulation in government prohibiting public officials from drinking intoxicating drinks inside public offices even after regular office hours. Such regulation merits a suspension, even outright loss of their jobs.

If a janitor does this, he's suspended and will not get his salary. But, if its the Executive this the way people of this new administration now act, as if they own the country? They should at least be ashamed because their president always follow the law and me delicadeza.

Will Ochoa and the rest of these lawyers submit themselves to this regulation? Or will they feel mighty and proud and just make an alibi?

As they say, when you're in power, you feel (in)different.