Friday, July 30, 2010

Why I want to fly with Seair

Boracay, to me, is an island paradise. When the island's pioneers started building small huts and invited their friends to join in and bask under the warm, inviting rays of Boracay's sun, I was one of those fortunate to join the crowd. Ten years ago, Boracay is like an innocent virgin floating about, with its pure, powdery sand and warm waters. Now, I was told, Boracay has been bastardized and left for dead. Its waters right now is kinda filthy, its sand bereft of its immaculate whiteness and full of trash.

That's why some travellers are going to Batanes, a sparkling green jewel up North or to Romblon, a promising tourist destination in the Visayas. It's great that Seair  goes there. It makes everyone happy.

The Philippines is a great tourist destination. Look around and you'll find that we're fortunate to live in a beautiful country. We have great mountains, great and clear rivers and streams and most of all, beaches that rival those in Thailand or Malaysia. Our coastlines are the finest in the world.

Sea air or South East Asian Airlines recognizes that. Fact is, if you browse their website, you're surely be amazed at how the airline company respects the beauty of this small island republic. Their website is like a promotional site for the Philippines.

I've travelled to many countries before and no one rivals ours. That probably explains why many Filipinos jockey for positions every single election is because of their desire to get a slice of this wonderful beauty before them.

Anyway, as a blogger, it is best for me to expand my horizons. It has been a long time since I went to Boracay. I want to write about it. I want to know if commercialism has already taken over the island.

I can do it on my own, along with my family. However, best if I travel with Seair. Other airlines have a track record of giving their clients some bumpy rides and bum services. Not with Seair, I hope. It is still best to travel without any hitches. I want to go to Bora or to any other place without any worry. I don't want to worry about my luggage being sent to Europe or my things lost or worrying about rude flight attendants.

I just want a seamless, worry-free travel with Seair. And with Microtels practically all over, it's a great way to write about one's country without so much worry.

Microtels, I was told, have the best beds in the country today. Imagine, for a reasonable price, you'll get to sleep in a nice and very comfortable bed. And just think, waking up in the morning with the chirping of the birds and the warm rays of the sun greeting you in your room. Just think.
Of course, having a Google page rank that hover between 4 and 5, more people would definitely read and know more about Seair than say, a blogger writing without any page rank. I want to share my experience with my Facebook friends who now number close to 1,800 and to those who visit my other sites. My sites enjoy higher Technorati and Alexa page ranks and to me, writing about the beautiful places here would surely be my patriotic duty, the best ever.

I want to help the Department of Tourism led by Secretary Bertie Lim by writing pieces about the Philippines. Surely, with the help of Seair, this will be realized soon.

If not, then, it's okey. I can always fly alone.