Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Critique of Hawking's Proposition for Humans to colonize other planets

I believe that when the universe was creation, there was an equal amount of matter and anti-matter that was produced. That the Big Bang which precipitated the processes that lead to the creation of all known matter determined the finite amounts of matter and anti-matter around. This finite amount expands in a never ending process of creation and destruction, but never really leading to a point in history where the destruction lead to infinite annihilation. The universe, for me, is a self-liquidating proposition, meaning, every destruction and every creation leads to the original amount of matter and anti-matter created.

That is why, even if humans, as what Dr. Stephen Hawking proposes, do inhabit another planet in the solar system when man already exhausted resources in this planet, the same thing will happen---the cycle of creation and destruction ever balancing itself. When an imbalance occurs, it is the Universe itself which corrects it. There has never been a point in time when the cycle is broken.

Some would say that the existence of black holes negates my proposition, that gravity is sucked up to the very dry core existence in black holes. No one, unfortunately, has a theory as to where material ingested by Black holes go to. So, it is still safe to presume that what black holes ingest goes back to the physical or material universe. Or even if, say, someone theorizes that black holes open itself up to a parallel universe, that parallel universe has an equal amount of matter and anti-matter by itself, and therefore, an extra material could disrupt its structure and design.