Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hawking says humans must abandon earth to survive

Stephen Hawking, in his recent interview with a US-based newspaper, warns that humans should not make contact with aliens, because the consequences might be disastrous. Hawking also encouraged humans to undertake manned space flights and think of the possibility of colonizing one other planet.

Hawking is right. There are about 8 billion humans on this earth, making do with the resources of a small planet, the third away from an 4.56 billion year-old yellow sun. With the parasitic nature of mankind, expect a time when humans would turn against humans and lead to the annihilation of all species. Humans right now are equipped with the latest weaponry and advanced technologies that either harm or spur growth. The problem with us, humans, is simple. We possess the power of creation and the power of destruction. We can be bad and good--all at the same time.

And it seems that all species, all creation behaves the way we do. Presuming that all species have all these, the power to create and the power to destroy, encountering a totally different species might just trigger within us our destructive power.

Fact is--even today, the very sight of another human behaving not up to a Western standard triggers a reflex within us to show a negative response. Test yourself when you see someone wearing a Muslim hijab or a Muslim dress. Or, when we see someone with a long beard or an unusually long tress of hair. Someone would say that its cultural. Yet, it is already wired in our brains to react negatively when images of such presents itself before us.

Even in a presence of a species endemic to the earth, animals for example, we humans treat them as something of an enemy. We destroy them.

Destruction is part of the never-ending laws of the universe. It is part of a two-way cycle--we create, somebody destroys. We destroy to allow creation to take active part. This is the unbending laws of the physical universe.

But, is colonizing another planet, the answer to the destructive nature of humankind? Is habiting another pristine place and thereafter, destroying it and moving to another, the ultimate answer to prolong human existence? No.

The answer lies on the proper understanding of the duality of the universe. Every human must understand that using the power of destruction must always be altruistic, meaning, leading to something useful or beautiful. If we destroy, there must always be a creation afterwards, or we destroy in order to create. And we create in order to destroy. But, destruction must always serve a purpose, that is, always be a catalyst for growth.

Right now, we destroy without considering the consequences of that particular action. We actually annihilate instead of just destroy a thing or a species.

When we pollute our earth, we destroy the very subtle fabric of creation, disallowing creation and leading to penultimate destruction. We leave our garbage in dumps that allows decay for a very long time, thereby triggering other destructive processes that does not lead to creation.

This is the thing which Hawking does not realize. That the answer lies not in colonizing or terraforming another barren rock somewhere in the solar system. The answer for prolonging human existence or preserving the human species lies within humans themselves. A proper understanding of the dual processes at work in the universe lies the secret in species preservation.