Friday, August 6, 2010

Filipino Suicide Bombing and Extremism

Jemaah Islamiya Flag
ABS-CBN just reported in their update that a Filipino suicide bomber is probably behind the dastardly bombing attack at the Zambo airport which killed 2 people and injured 22 others. Sulu governor Abdulsakur Tan claims that he is probably the target of the attack. However, if you study what is happening in Mindanao, attacks against Tan have always been either grenade attacks or car bombs. In this case, an alleged Filipino was reportedly the one who blew himself up.

If this is true, then, this is the first case of a suicide bombing in the Philippines. This is very dangerous. This indicates that the level of commitment for the cause of Jihad had reached maturation. And this also shows that training of Filipino extremists have reached a higher and very dangerous level.

Several studies have shown that Filipino extremists are least likely to be converted into suicide bombers. With this, this is extremely dangerous precedent since it shows that indoctrination of prospective Filipino terrorists have gone up and probably have deeply imbedded itself within the Bangsamoro rebel ranks.

Prior to this, an arrest was made on an alleged Jemaah Islamiya member in Davao. There was scant information on the arrest but this shows that JI members are actively moving in the outer and inner fringes of Mindanao. If this is true, then the JI had already widen the scope of their operations, and this pose a very dangerous development for Philippine security agencies.

Jemaah Islamiyah enjoys a very wide network of supporters in the triangle area of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Singapore is also an active supporter of JI, with several of its members using the state island's investment laws to generate funds and distribute to several of its active cells in the Asia-Pacific region.

Why is it that several Bangsamoro rebels have shifted their struggle, from the MILF, to the JI? Simple. Most of the MILF rebels oppose the peace initiatives. Most want nothing of government. They want an independent Bangsamoro state.

Mindanao is also a very ideal safe haven for JI and other terrorists. First, the economy of the region is extremely bad. Sixty seven percent of Mindanaoans, especially those living in Muslim communities are considered extremely poor. This is a fertile ground for active recruitment of adherents to the JI regional cause of world jihad.

Mindanao will only be free from extremism if the following conditions occur:

First, the total overhaul of the entire socio-economic structure, which leads to the domination of a few elite groups. This will only be possible through the democratization of state institutions and socio-cultural groupings.

Second, the Bangsamoro people be granted total independence from the national government.

and third, the obliteration of all so-called "royalty classes" which hamper the democratization of the Bangsamoro society and leads to the perpetual enslavement of most Bangsamoros. Scant economic opportunities are available to Bangsamoros because these so-called royalty classes and armed warlords deprive the people of their God-given economic rights. Free trade should be encouraged in Mindanao.

Lastly, several findings have shown that the present Abu Sayyaf Group is now heavily infiltrated by military agents, and this is not the original ASG anymore.

A new group has emerged, more lethal and more doctrinally sound than the former ASG. This new group, according to sources, is linked with the JI leadership, yet enjoys operational independence. A very covert urban hit squad, Fisabillillah, has been re-activated and now morphs into the true form of ASG. This, however, should be thoroughly investigated.