Saturday, August 7, 2010

Zamb blast is no suicide bombing---PNP


UNLIKE THE ABS-CBN which immediately concluded that the blast which killed two people and injured twenty two others in the Zamboanga airport was a suicide bombing, the Inquirer today said, official investigators ruled out suicide bombing in the incident. Link here.

My sources even say that the man who allegedly carried the bomb, a certain Reynaldo Apilado, a carpenter from Barangay Maasin could have been unaware that he was carrying a backpack full of explosives. The bag, some sources say, could have been the property of Harun, Apilado's companion. If Harun carried the bomb and it exploded, that could have been a case of suicide bombing. In this case, Apilado innocently carried the bomb that exploded in the airport.

A possible angle being pursued by the police is the possibility that the backpack full of explosives was Harun's and he intended to place it below the airplane. However, when Apilado picked up Harun's bag, it exploded prematurely.

Investigators should look into this case very carefully since it involves not just lax airport security but also the possibility of this being just a test mission. The US should interfere and help Philippine authorities look deeper into this. This might be part of a global terrorist conspiracy. Or it might be just a case of a foolish man with a foolish plan.