Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jobs for Filipinos

I am reading a lot of materials right now and one of the bright things that I see for Filipinos are these news on job availability. There are about 15 million jobs available for Filipinos in the hospitality arts industry.

Five-star hotels and restaurants are on the hunt for qualified Filipinos who are house keepers, chefs, baristas and bartenders. Filipinos are sought-after employees, says Asian School of Hospitality Arts Director Angie Blanco. Filipinos are generally genial, genteel and hospitable. We just need to hone our technical skills.

What hotels hire are qualified Filipinos. When we say qualified, we mean those who have certificates and diplomas.

For those who want to be baristas, the only barista course being offered right now for Filipinos are those conducted by the Asian School of Hospitality Arts. See their link here This is just 3 months.

For those who want to be professional housekeepers, there is a Certificate for Professional Housekeeping course, also a 3 month course. Visit their website at

For those who want to be professional chefs and cooks, get a 6-month Certificate on Professional Cooking (Commercial Cooking). Visit their website at