Friday, August 20, 2010

Angue's Re-assignment is not a demotion

When a group of heavily armed soldiers marched towards Oakwood Residences and secured the area for possible attack from their perceived enemies, several of them then went on and denounced on national television, the current administration, which, was then the Arroyo regime. Navy Lieutenant Senior Grade Antonio Trillianes IV (now a Senator of the Land) led the group which called themselves Bagong Katipunan and exposed the irregularities and "gripes" of most AFP officers against the AFP leadership.

Trillianes' move was met with public approbation. Millions of people quietly supported Trillianes and his fight for good governance. Had the Oakwood incident probably lasted for another day, it could have changed Philippine society forever. An extra day would have marshalled other forces of change behind them.

Now, another officer is appearing before the media, citing the alleged politicking behind the promotions and appointments of several other officers close to the new administration. Rear admiral Feliciano Angue is accusing several AFP officers of alleged politicking. Angue claims to be a victim of political intrigue caused by him, being a member of controversial class PMA 1978. Angue, who was appointed as the National Capital Regional Command chief, a position for a 3-star general, last March, felt that he was demoted when the AFP leadership decided to send him to Western Mindanao to head the Naval Forces there. The Western Mindanao post is fit for a 2-star general like him.

Angue vowed not to just quietly fade into oblivion. He felt that he was humiliated by the new administration.

Okey. Was his re-appointment a humiliating act? No. It was a correction to the earlier juicy appointment made by his backer, former president Arroyo. Was injustice committed against Angue? No. His non-promotion is a discretion of the leadership. As a professional soldier, Angue should abide by the decision of the leadership.

Angue is acting like a warlord. And warlords have no place in a democratic society such as ours.