Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Noy's website says "some characters are not allowed."

I visited the new President's website at http://www.president.gov.ph/government/default.aspx and when I was giving a comment and sending it, it was not working.

Instead, it showed this:

" * Some characters are not allowed."
And this is my comment:

"Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda says the government is ready to stake your political capital on the VAT on the tollways controversy. The question really is--Mr. President, are you ready to sacrifice your political capital just to pursue what many believe is a violation of the law on taxation?"
Can you guess which characters are not allowed in the above comment which I tried to post at the new Office of the President website? Is it the word Lacierda? Or probably "VAT"? Or the word "controversy" shortly after the word "Tollways"?

Oh, well. I guess those who are well-intentioned and are critiques are practically disallowed to comment on the New President's website.