Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quezon Province to be divided again by the Tanadas and Suarez

Who is this Congressman who made 54 million pesos out of the generosity of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office? This Congressman, now a Liberal, reportedly spent the amount buying pieces of property for his paramour(s).

The Congressman fielded his son in the last elections and used PCSO money to back his son's gubernatorial campaign.

What is the name of this big-time drug lord and gun-runner who happens to be the brother of a high government official in the Noynoy Aquino administration? This drug lord is involved in the high-stakes drug smuggling game in one of the provinces down South. He was also involved in the kidnapping of two Chinese businessmen, yet he evaded the law because his brother is reportedly very close to President Noynoy Aquino. Fact is, his brother is now a Cabinet official. 

This brother of a quiet Cabinet official is now the subject of a deep investigation by the PDEA due to his involvement in smuggling cocaine, shabu and marijuana. This brother is untouchable because of his involvement in high stakes gun smuggling. Reportedly, the brother managed to sell weapons and ammunition to the NPA and the MILF. The MILF reportedly bought war materiel from this person to the tune of 20 million.

Paging the Magdalos over there at PDEA--sirs, maybe you could give the People of the Philippines an excellent gift? Arrest this drug and gun smuggler. I have information that he spends his time in the capitolyo. This drug and gun smuggler is also deep into the use of cocaine and shabu. He's a certified drug addict and big-time pusher and druglord. He is the one causing all the problems of teenagers in his province down South. He uses the bay for his smuggling activities.  

Who is this brother of a high Cabinet official of the New administration that is involved in big-time drug and gun smuggling activities? Hint--his surname sounds like the Tagalog term for speculation.

Heard that Liberal party spokesperson Erin Tanada and their political ally, the Suarez are thinking of again filing a bill that will split or divide the province of Quezon into two.

The Tanadas spent their political capital banking on this proposal a few years ago. Quezonians, in a referendum, unanimously rejected the plan.

Why are the Tanadas and the Suarezes interested on this? Simple. The Tanada-Suarez wants to effectively control the entire province. They want the gubernatorship for themselves. And since they cannot occupy the post singly, they want to divide the province so that the Tanadas can govern as governor on one side, and the Suarez family on the other. Coool, is'nt?

What happened to the plan of the Quezon Provincial government to extend the Marcos highway up to Real and down to the plan to establish a port there? Former Quezon province Governor Raffy Nantes had this brilliant idea before. With his death, what now? Will the new governor continue this plan of Nantes?