Friday, August 27, 2010

Villaroman, charged with Kidnapping Hongkong Nationals before, is now OIC of Manila Police

What is this? Another erroneous decision committed "innocently" by the Aquino administration?

Senior Superintendent Francisco Villaroman, the one who replaced Director Rodolfo Magtibay as head of the Manila Police District, is involved in several high profile kidnapping cases involving Hongkong nationals.

A source said Villaroman has pending cases before the Sandiganbayan. And these cases, mind you, are not petty cases but controversial ones.

Families of the victims of the gruesome crime involving the kidnapping of two Chinese nationals have filed charges before the Hongkong courts against Villaroman and his police accomplices.

What a direct insult to injury.

IMagine, the Aquino administration has been trying to appease the enraged citizens of Hongkong for the gruesome Monday hostage taking in Manila with this???

What a way to really humiliate and embarrass Filipinos living and working in Hongkong.

President Aquino should look for others more competent than Villaroman to head the MPD or face another international controversy.