Saturday, August 28, 2010

Manila Hostage Crisis Update: Mendoza deserves a flag draped over his coffin

Insp Rolando Mendoza deserves the Philippine Flag
Are we so weak as a Nation and government that we readily accede to the demands of a very small island state such as Hongkong?

So what if the Hongkong government felt more enraged when they saw the Philippine flag draped over the coffin of slain former Inspector Rolando Mendoza, the hostage taker in the botched Manila hostage crisis last Monday?

Why did the government ordered for the removal of the Philippine flag draped over Mendoza's coffin? Why? Are we so weak that a mere criticism would spur us to violate this honor given to public servants like cops and soldiers?

Mendoza was a decorated officer. He served this country for over twenty years. He deserved the honor of being considered as one of our country's heroes. His seventeen medals show his competency.

Now, his action last Monday which led to the deaths of nine Hongkong tourists does not automatically erase those twenty years of dedicated service to the Motherland.

Yes, he did something wrong which he already paid for by his life. Yet, that wrong does not justify another wrong.

Are we so weak as a government that we cannot explain to these Hongkongers and their government that Mendoza deserves the flag usually given to public servants like Mendoza?

Are we so stupid and weak as a government that this mere fact we cannot communicate to our counterparts right there in Hongkong?

This is too much humiliation already for us as a People. That we have a government that relents to every whim and caprice of another country.

Why do we allow such outrage?! Have we no more honor as a people?!!!