Monday, August 9, 2010

Zambo airport blast connected with global jihad?

Ron Gagalac made a starling discovery---that Reynaldo Apilado, the one who was believed responsible for the Zambo blast, was with two other individuals prior to the incident. These two individuals, one of them a certain Harun, are believed to be extremists. Now, it is uncertain if Apilado, was, himself, an extremist. Sources tell NPR that Apilado was probably a Muslim revert. Harun died while the other person is still unaccounted for.

Curiously, the bomb blast in Zambo precipitated other bombing incidents that day and the succeeding days. Was the blast connected with the current global jihad?

Traditionally, August and September are months where an increase in terrorist activities is usually noticeable. These are months prior to the Ramadhan, the holy month for pious Muslims.

A deeper investigation must be made and this should likewise be undertaken by all agencies concerned, not just local, but international. These deviants should be re-indoctrinated to the true path of Islam.

A deeper discussion in my next entry.