Monday, August 9, 2010

The Eternal Religious Truth

In my 39 years of existence, I came to realize that the true religion lies on the worship of One God. Those who profess to worship just one God but venerates others and makes an alibi that God has a Son and a Holy Spirit that should likewise be worshipped, are liars. They lie simply because the very first and original message which the True God gave humankind was very clear--Worship the One True God, the Originator of all the worlds, of Everything.

Why is it important to recognize one source of Life? Because when one recognizes One Source, that One acknowledges a known universal law---that all life emanated from one singularity and that singularity came from nothing and was, by itself, Nothing.

Science throughout the years have validated the very premise of religion. When the Bible and the Noble Qu'ran, some of the most truthful ancient manuscripts about the One, True God said that we all came from an outbreak of light in the dawn of human history, science validated it. Science already recognized these ancient truths by their Quantum Physics and their astrophysics.

So there, a singularity which all came from. What is this singularity? Is this ether, or what some believe to be a Spirit? Yes, it is a Spirit. It is the Purest of the Pure Spirit. Is Spirit an energy? Yes, it is Energy. So, this singularity is the Purest of the Pure Energies.

If this is energy, then, can it assume androgynous form? No. It does not hold form because it is Pure. Nothing pure can ever reflect what is material or matter. Matter, by itself, is not Pure.

So, worshipping this Singularity means attributing everything to this Singularity. Worshipping this Singularity also means acknowledging the Purest of the Pure Energy as the Source of Everything.

Now, this Purest of the Pure Energy transmits its laws, and these laws are for the benefit of those who want to return to the Originator of Life. Every single message that the Originator sends are holy. By being holy means being pure. And by being pure means being worthy of rejoining the very source of all life.

What is the purpose of the Law but to make every single thing, holy? An unholy or unchaste thing cannot join what is Pure, what is Holy. How then can one be holy and pure?

By following the very precepts of the one who sent the message. If the Originator says, you should not kill, then, do not kill. If the Originator says that one must not steal, then, do not steal. If the Originator says one must worship Him in all truth and in the Spirit, then, worship as what the Originator says.

Is religion necessary for those who believe these eternal truths? Yes. Those who strive to be holy should be in the company of others who also want to be holy. That is the purpose of religion.

Is religion's purpose to kill others who disbelieve? No. Religion is for those who believe. God damns those who do not. But, it is God who does the damning, not humans.

Is religion's purpose political? No. Religion is spiritual, politics, aspiritual. A pious believer does not concern himself with the things of this world, but of things not of this world.

Is religion's purpose social? Yes, it is social. It seeks to spread these eternal Truths to those who listen and those who want to hear how salvation works and how he may be saved.

Those whose religion seeks the praise of this world, are false religions.

Those whose religion seeks the riches of this world, are false ones.

Those whose religion spurs one to hate, to kill and steal, are false.

Those who misinterpret God's message and use his fists to convert a disbeliever, deviates from the true and right path.

Those who misconstrue God's message of conquering the world, by causing the downfall of political regimes and government, strays from the true and just path.