Monday, September 6, 2010

A direction-less administration says Quiboloy

Senator Joker Arroyo says that what President Noynoy Aquino did last week, taking full responsibility on the hostage crisis, amounts to nothing. He says its good on the image but means absolutely nothing. And I agree.

Again, what the public wants to hear and probably see are resignations from high government officials. The Filipino People want the following to resign:

1. Jesse Robredo for his incompetence, same goes to his deputy, Rico Puno. (Rico Puno was appointed by Pnoy because he is his bosom buddy in several gun firing practices).

2. Secretary Ricky Carandang and Secretary Coloma for their incompetence and uselessness.

3. At least one high ranking police official.

These people, according to observers, have shown high incompetency and cluelessness on their functions. They have shamed the People.

They have shamed their president. Imagine, instead of them taking the cudgels for the president, it is the President who is now staking his own political capital.

What does this mean? It means that Pnoy is staking the very integrity of the electorate when he took full responsibility.

Probably Pnoy forgot that he now represents the entire Filipino People. And he should not unnecessarily stake, and take this rather lightly.

Pnoy is the symbol of the Filipino citizen. Everyone expects him to conduct himself properly before the eyes of the world.

If in such situations where it is entirely clear that his factotums are responsible to the fiasco which happened last August 23 and Aquino immediately put his entire persona at stake, then, Pnoy is doing us a great disservice by continually acting as President.

It cheapens the presidency and opens speculations that, indeed, as what Pastor Quiboloy said, we are now living in a presidency-less government. Where is leadership, says Quiboloy? And Pnoy is not to be entirely blamed on this. The men behind him are to be blamed for staying in their posts when it is entirely clear that they have erred due to their incompetency. And they are bringing this new administration down.