Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Noynoy Aquino administration is still in "acting capacity mode"

Okey, so this government is officially in an "acting capacity", if DILG secretary Jesse Robredo is to be asked. Robredo's name has been bruited about as the former Naga mayor who now serves in an acting capacity because President Noy is still unconvinced of his capability in handling the police. Why? Because Robredo is formerly the darling of the Left?

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda however clarified that Baldoz, a career official of the Labor department and Paje of the Environment department are also acting secretaries. Paje is there to represent a senatorial candidate while it is still unexplainable why Baldoz holds an acting capacity status. Lacierda is there to clarify things for us. Even now, Lacierda remains unclear of his pronouncements.

Meanwhile, RICKY Carandang and Herminio Coloma who are reportedly fighting for the same candy, are neither holdovers nor acting secretaries, their documents were just not submitted on time by the Executive secretary, explains Lacierda.

The people don't care if they are on hold overs or acting as secretaries. Frankly, they seem only to be acting like secretaries. Their conduct over the past few weeks is disappointing. The people really believe that they are just acting like secretaries and not secretaries at all.

And Lacierda's tone is quite re-assuring to the point of saying that Coloma's and Carandang's papers were not submitted because of a technical glitch. What is so new about that? With an alcoholic for an Executive secretary, expect something as simple as submission of documents of executive line agency officials to always be delayed.

And Lacierda is confident of Coloma and Carandang's appointments? I really doubt it. Even Liberal party members would think twice of formerly agreeing to these two as regular press secretaries, at the point of incuring the ire of most people.

The Aquino administration needs a cabinet revamp soon. Cut the crap. Cut this bullshit of picturing this government still in acting capacity mode. What are you, actors? This government is just acting like a new one when in all certainty, it is practically like the former dispensation.

But, don't give me that joke of calling for Gloria to once head the government. Better to have actors in government than a certified expert thief.