Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hongkongers and Filipinos are brothers

Hongkong, that tiny little island state, grew from the strength and contributions of poor expatriates and Filipinos. When the Chinese red revolution overcame the Chinese kuomintang in 1949, most Chinese migrated to the British colony. These were poor, unlettered yet highly industrious folk. With some Filipino help, the colony was able to contain the extraordinary rise of its population.

Back then, Hongkong was poorer than the Philippines. The island was then, not a favorite tourist destination because of the high tension between the island and Mao's Communist regime. Foreign assistance especially coming from the United States and the Philippines helped Hongkong what it is now---a cosmopolitan state, with a booming economy.

Relations between Hongkong and the Filipinos go back centuries. Hongkong traders visit the Philippines to trade. Filipinos, especially Ilustrados considered as enemies of the Spanish regime, migrate to Hongkong as expatriates.

Back then, Filipinos had Chinese amais as domestic helpers. When the revolution broke Spanish rule in these islands, these Chinese amais were able to extricate themselves from their condition, and made a name for themselves in this country.

Hongkongers must not forget that we Filipinos are truly their brothers. When the chips are down, we, Filipinos support them with whatever we have. We expect sana the same treatment from them.