Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I am a Filipino

I am a Filipino
Everywhere I go
I change things
for the better.

I am a Filipino
a child of God, a wonder of Nature
I am blessed with all the beautiful things
and treasure them as my own.

I am a Filipino
I am proud of my race.
I am respecful of other races
and treat them as my kin.

I am a Filipino
I pray every single day
I bless those who come my way
I thank God for the wonderful things
that He gives me,
my life, my family, my country.

I am a Filipino
those who know me
tells of wonderful things about me
how industrious I am at work
how patient I am at home
how I love peace
and how I defend democracy at all costs.

I am a Filipino
everywhere I go
I change things for the better.

The world is astounded by my works
I create beautiful things and I share them to the world.

I am a Filipino
look at me and I am a wonderful creature of the Universe.
I shape every single landscape into beautiful pieces of art
I astound the world with my knowledge in science.
I even dominate the world of sports

Feast your eyes at my beauty
Tickle your imagination with my fancy
I am a Filipino, a being of beauty
No one is like me.
and I thank God for giving me such a wondrous legacy.