Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pnoy talks to Dagupan archbishop Oscar Cruz

This is a fictional story of a meeting held between Noynoy Aquino and former Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz.

(phone rings)

Oscar: " Good evening."
Noynoy: " Good evening father, your excellency."
Oscar: " Oh, Noy. Is this you?"
Noynoy: " Opo father. gandang gabi po."
Oscar: " Gandang gabi din naman, Ginoong Pangulo. "
Noynoy: " Pnoy na lang po."
Oscar: " O, sige, Pnoy. What can I do for you po, Mr. President."
Noynoy: " I heard po that you went to the media and told them that I have two.."
Oscar: " Hindi po, its five po Mr. President."
Noynoy: " Ah five ba? Okey, five or two Cabinet members involved in jueteng. Is that true po Father?"
Oscar: " Yes, iho. Yes, five of your cabinet appointees are involved. They are each being given 2 million by jueteng operators."
Noynoy: " Ah, is that true?"
Oscar: " Yes, Mr. President."
Noynoy: " Do you have evidence po father?"
Oscar: " I have..."
Noynoy: (interrupting) Could you show this to us po, father."
Oscar: " I'm sorry Mr. President. Pero, hindi nyo po ba alam yan, Ginoong Pangulo that some of your friends, are on the take?"
Noynoy: " Hindi po."
Oscar: " You don't know that despite of your enormous intelligence funds?"
Noynoy: " Bago pa lang po kami dito sa palasyo father and we're still feeling ourselves thru.."
Oscar: " ah..."
Noynoy: " Besides po father, I think you got a wrong info. Two million? Masyado naman pong maliit yan for a bribe, especially from jueteng operators since they're earning billions.."
Oscar: " Is that true?"
Noynoy: " Yes po father. The current payola po is not just two million."
Oscar: " Really? What is?"
Noynoy: " I know po its a little bit higher, maybe ten or twenty? "
Oscar: " Ganun ba?"
Noynoy: " Yes, father. Pang pipitsugin lang yang 2 million. Barya-barya."
Oscar: " Really?"
Noynoy: " Yes po father, believe me, coz I know."
Oscar: " Ngek!"

( Ang matuwid na daan ay unti-unting babaluktot gawa ng mga taong walang tunay na pagmamahal sa ating Inang Bayan.)