Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pnoy should try to reflect again

Two and a half months, and we are feeling a sense of hopelessness. Two and a half months ago, people were euphorous, even hopeful and proud. Hearing the truth of their situation from someone who was born with a proverbial golden spoon in his mouth, and hearing him speak of the true human condition, made every heart swoon and melt. His inaugural speech spoke of hope, of erasing every single vestige of the former evil regime, and of giving the people the justice they long sought for. This was nothing but spectacular. Here is the son of Cory and Ninoy, offering himself before the people and wasting no time to go to work and prove himself before the world.

His first Memo flunked the freshman law student’s test, but the people did not mind. His presidential spokesperson ruined himself before the public and uttered that sorry a hundred times before the media. His education secretary taught the public another lesson—never mess up with a friar’s acolyte and you’ll surely be accused of inventing controversies. Another sorry.

He partitioned power among his loyalists and close friends. He designated someone at the helm of the local governments only for show, while real power he gave to someone who sells ammunition and arms to the police. Another sorry.

He defended a twenty year old veteran in the customs game and inspite of underperforming, kept him close to his finance secretary. Irregularities surfaced against his appointees and all of them, he defended like a lion defends his cubs. One was caught with his pants down, trying to occupy a post that clearly places him in a conflict of interest, but Pnoy, defended him, and even said that he knows morality well, being a pastor of a fake church.

He announced to the world that he is levying tax in a tax and even said he’ll risk his political capital for this. His communications secretary says the President is not concerned with popularity; he is most concerned with what is right. When, however, they realized that levying a tax in a tax was outright stupid, it was at that time that they backed out. Another sorry.

In every fumble, in every misstep, and in every single foible, one single line, an empty sorry. Two and a half months, and this government has gone from being the hope of the people, to a bumbling, stupid government. It was a psychotic ride which only a psychotic enjoys.

It is not sorry that we want to hear. We, the people, already know how sorry we are for electing someone who does not want to be president in the first place.

I just hope that Pnoy realizes that he is being a liability that hurts us. The very realization that he is harming us more than helping us, pains us every single time. That for his every defense of the mistakes and errors of his men, Pnoy harms us like him squeezing the trigger of his gun. His every defense is like bullets, hitting our hearts and breaking our souls.

Maybe Pnoy needs some reflection, maybe another trip to the seminary will do him good.