Wednesday, September 1, 2010

President Noynoy: Sack those responsible for the hostage taking

Yes, I recognize that we are all angry against the present Aquino administration for its continued inaction. I mean, I understand that the probe especially on multiple homicide cases like these would take at least two weeks.

Yet, this administration is misinterpreting what the public really wants---the sacking of those responsible for the mishandling of the hostage negotiations.

The Public does not need to read a CSI report on the hostage crisis. We all saw what happened. It is so stupid to read the headline "Hostage victims died due to bullet wounds" when every single one of us saw already what transpired during those 12 critical hours.

The Filipino People want a different approach in the handling of a crisis. If, during the GMA administration, it took a while for GMA to even make a decision on her factotums and even issued an Executive Order to protect the asses of her corrupt men, Filipinos expect a different thing in this administration.

President Benigno Aquino promised not to tolerate erring members of his Cabinet. He promised a road that is straight, not crooked.

It is time for him to really mean what he says, and not just say it because it sounds wonderful to the ears of many.

Time for this administration to really commit itself to change. Time for it to really act like true agents of change and true professionals.

It is equally humiliating to know that those who continually lambast the former dispensation for its perceived inaction and ineptitude are now those who now show equal ineptitude and ineffectiveness.

If change is what we seek, then, we must be the change movers.

After two weeks, what will Aquino report to his HK counterparts? That the reason why it bungled the hostage negotiations was there is an ongoing spat among groups within his administration?