Monday, August 30, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does

What stupidity!

Malacanang reporters received an email from the Palace. And what the email contains is very stupid indeed.

It tells of a story of a Filipino businessman hacked to death by Chinese criminals a few years ago. And the email goes that Noynoy apologized for the August 23 hostage crisis while the Chinese government did not.

How stupid.

First, the issue here is not that hostage taking or any other crime even homicide does not happen anywhere in the world. Shit happens. And the issue is not if shit does not or does happen here in the Philippines. The fact is simple--how a particular government handles such a situation.

Let me tell it as it is---the reason why Filipinos hate this administration so much right now is the way it handled the crisis situation, period.

They so mishandled it that it is now both a diplomatic and an embarrasing international situation.

The situation was badly handled that it has now taken a life of its own. It has stirred a hornet's nest in Hongkong and China and has now taken the China-RP relationship into a very tense situation.

It has taken a very bad and serious turn that Malacanang is even trying to stir up more trouble by asserting sovereignty over the post-mortem investigation. What? What is sovereignty got to do with a request from China of a parallel probe? Is Malacanang trying to stage a whitewash, that's why it does not want Chinese forensic experts to really know who really killed those eight Chinese nationals?

We can tolerate neophytes, but bumbling idiots? We don't deserve such a government in our midst.

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